International Culture Festival Brings The World to Tsinghua

Beijing, Starting from 10am on November 12 until late afternoon, the scale and popularity of the 8th annual international cultural festival was unprecedented in Tsinghua. Students of Tsinghua University from over 30 different countries took part in the event. The festival brought both Chinese and international students together, and attracted guests from many other countries.

From all over Beijing, including students and non-students, the international community was proud to represent their local food and customs at the prestigious Tsinghua campus.
“It’s my third time participating in this event, but it’s the first time that we have had our own booth. We can see our university’s efforts in creating a more internationalized campus,” said Huang Yan, a Peruvian student from the School of Humanities. Peruvians used to share a booth with Chile due to the limited amount of students. But this semester they had more members on campus including several from the Schwarzman Scholars.

“It’s very vibrant, I didn’t expect to see so many different cultures presented here.” “The campus is really big, and it’s beautiful. I’m considering doing a master degree here,” said Kate, a member of the Australian Youth Association who is currently doing an internship in Beijing.