Amazing Banquet by Loong Kong Tien Yee Association of New England

By Gracia Lei,

On the evening of February 26, 2017, The Loong Kong Tien Yee Association of New England celebrated a belated Chinese New Year with a banquet at the Empire Garden Restaurant of Chinatown.

Members,Guests and lion dancers pose for a picture (photos and videos by Gracia Lei).

President Lisa Kwan (left in the picture above) spoke alongside the Master of Ceremonies, Tony Quan, Kitty Lau and Linda Au, who took the front of the stage to welcome over 300 guests. Salutations were also made by many honorary guests from within and out of state, including House of Representative member Tacky Chan, Suffolk County Sheriff Steve W. Tompkins as well as Henry Quan, President of the Lung Kong Association of New York.

At the about 46 tables sat many sponsors of the association accompanied by their invitees who all range in age and profession. From toddler to elder, another important focused on celebrating the four last names:劉,關,張,趙 displayed on the banners across big banner.

The formal acknowledgements were followed shortly afterwards with festivities, many of which were pertaining to cultural traditions, such as dragon dancing with a mix of traditional folk drumming, the mask-change master or karaoke. But just to throw in a twist, Lisa Kwan introduced a surprise guest invited all the way from Las Vegas; a Elvis Presley singer. It was this act that prompted audience members, Lisa included, to start busting out some moves, especially during the crowd favorite “Can’t Help Falling in Love”.

Of course, the restaurant provided the plentiful dishes of food but the entertainment didn’t end just there. Towards the intermission, the MCs of the night informed everyone that each table was equipped with gift cards and raffle tickets to a variety of gifts being randomly raffled off.

Even a Chinese Santa toward the end of the event passed out chocolates after the main courses as a way to bless everyone and say “gong xi fa cai” (恭喜發財).

To close the night, the restaurant supplied take-out boxes and all guests of the evening left with uplifted New Years spirits and boxes full of authentic Chinese food. Those who were in no rush to leave took advantage of the dance floor and DJ Victor Ng and Ellen Chan’s playlists.

It was another successful Chinese New Year celebration hosted by the Loong Kong Tien Yee Association of New England. Other honorary guests of the evening include:

Paul Chan, President of Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association of New England
Director Scott Lai, Director General of TaiPei Economic and Cultural office in Boston
Deputy Bruce Chen, Deputy of TaiPei Economic and Cultural office in Boston
Mr. AU, Boston Chinese Cultural Center
Mr. Ed Chiang and Mr. Ricky Moy, Committee members of Overseas Chinese Affairs
Tacky Chan, House of Representative
Steve W. Tompkins, Suffolk County Sheriff
Henry Quan, New York’s Lung Kong Association President