Grace Cai and The Skating Club of Boston Raise Fund to Eliminate Cancer

By Xinming Li,

Inspired to change the impact of cancer on the lives of those in our Club community, The Skating Club of Boston and its Theatre On Ice of Boston program are inviting all Club members to partner with them and the Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation to Turn Cancer Upside Down. Funds raised for the Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation support cancer research, education, and survivorship with 20% of the funds raised through this Club initiative going directly to two of our local, world-class institutions: Mass General Cancer Center and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

Grace Cai has been a member of Skating Club of Boston since 2013 (provided to

Grace Cai started skating at four with Skating Academy of Boston. She was the 2015 recipient of the Marion Proctor Trophy. She was a member of Theater On Ice of Boston’s Center Stage National Championship team in 2015, and Encore of Boston’s team which was the 2016 and 2017 National Novice Pewter Medalist.

Besides being an excellent skater, Grace is also very talented in music. She enjoys playing piano, violin and Yanyqin (Chinese Dulcimer), and is a member of the Oakhill Orchestra as a violinist.

Recently Grace just got selected to perform at Silk Bamboo Chinese Music Concert. She also enjoys taking dance, vocal and acting training. She has done volunteer performances at community parties and fund raising events such as LION international, Salvation Army, National Skating Month, Senior Centers and Asian American Day etc.

You can help Grace reach her fundraising goals by donating to her campaign at:—Boston–MA-Sk8-to-Elimin8-Cancer.

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