Jeremy Lin’s Return to Boston Inspired God Loving Fans from River of Life Christian Church

By David Li,

On Sunday, March 4, Jeremy Lin returned to Boston with the New York Knicks for an NBA match against Boston Celtics. Four members of the River of Life Christian Church in Boston went to TD Garden to cheer for Jeremy Lin, a devoted Christian.

Rev. Jocelyn Shu wrote to reporter in an email a couple days before the game: “I am pleased to tell you that we are sending four of our church members to cheer up for Jeremy Lin for this coming Sunday’s NBA Game which will be held in TD Garden in Boston. They will be specially dressed with Glory Belongs to God t-shirts and with banner for Jeremy. The tickets and banners were given by Good TV and Christians from New York. There will be quite a few people from New york for Jeremy Lin.”

The game started at 1:00 in the afternoon. Mattew Hsu, Timothy Shu, Stacey Kao and David Wu from the River of Life Christian Church in Boston was at the game, holding a sign that reads In Jesus’s Name I Play. They cheered loudly for every good move and every shot that Jeremy Lin made.

In his email to reporter, David Wu wrote: “The game overall was very exciting, it was a very good game despite the Knicks’ lost. One thing I encountered during the game was that when we held up the banner to cheer up for Jeremy we had audience taking the picture of the banner. I thought that was a very interesting reaction from the audience. I hope the idea of In Jesus Name I Play and all glories go to the God can also influence those audience. We are all excited to see Jeremy keep improving on the court and bring even more glory to God.”