Collection of Poems and Photos of West Lake in Hangzhou, China

By Sophia Yee, painter and poet

I traveled to my hometown Hangzhou, China again in October until December last year.  I wrote more poems this time about the West Lake, I took a lot of photos of the lake and did some sketches for my new paintings.

Sunset At West Lake

The sun at the chest of the lake
West Lake as if a glass of burgundy
brightens that girl’s face
that young days

like a Golden Holy Grail
a forgotten affair
stirring up the summer lotus


Spring Mood

perfumed breeze
a thousand wishes sacred

virgin rain overflowing
lonely she leans to the hazy light

of a full spring wave a jewel
unleashes the day like a dream

terns passing in the shivering rain
rustling in the tenderly gay

if you’ll be there

sky is calm water is still
spring is weighing down the branches

Su causeway jade green
deep shades dashing in the rain

lovers in lovers’boat and
rippling water as if silk veil

peach blossoms burning hot
willow trees wobbling tide

gazing into the distance mountain asking

if you’ll be there too this time