Homemade Chow Mei Fun – Lots of Fun!

By Lin Kong, Master of Nutrition Science, Dietetic Intern (from linjoyfulbite.wordpress.com )

Chow Mei Fun means “stir fried rice noodle”, one of my favorite Asian cuisine dish. It is widely liked in southern China and many other countries in South Asia. Depending on the cooking method, it can be high in fat and salt. The Chow Mei Fun recipe I developed at home use very moderate amount of salt and oil, but still carry multiple layers of flavor by using fresh ingredients and spices. It came out so yummy that I couldn’t help to eat an entire bowel after finishing it at 10pm! =D

The materials we need for Chow Mei Fun (5 servings) and the way to prepare them are as follows.

  • Rice noodle: I bought it from a local supermarket. Immerse 2 pieces of dry rice noodle in warm water for more than half hours, drain the water.
  • Shiitake mushroom: this bag of dry shiitake has been in my cabinet for a while since I got it from Chinatown. Take about 20 mushrooms to immerse in warm water for a hour. Press out the water and slice.
  • Fresh ginger and garlic: a handful of each and finely mince them.
  • Chicken: slice 6 oz fresh chicken breast and mix in 1 Tbsp of corn starch and some black pepper.
  • Frozen Shrimp: about 10
  • Scallion: chop into half-inch pieces
  • Spices: black pepper, cumin, basil leaves

Dry rice noodle from local super market, Shiitake mushroom from Chinatown grocery shop, and minced garlic and ginger

When mix cornstarch into chicken, give it a nice massage to make chicken tender. Corn starch wraps the chicken pieces and preserve the juice during pan frying.

After all materials are ready, set up two pans on heat-one for noodle and one for chicken and mushroom.

Set the noodle pan on medium heat, use 2 Tbsp of olive oil and 1 cup of water. Put in the noodle and stir occationally. Dilute 1 Tbsp of soy sauce by half cup of water, then stir it into the noodles to give the nicely brown color. After about 10 nimutes when water is completely evaporated, add in frozen shrimp and keep stiring until all the shrimp turn red.

  1. Set chicken and mushroom pan on high heat, use 1 Tbsp of olive oil. Put in minced garlic and ginger first, when oil starts to sizzling, add in mushroom and chicken. Stir continously until chicken become white. Add 1 tsp of seasalt and whatever spices you like (I used cumin and basil).
  2. Combine two pans into one, add in scallion right before serving. Mix well and serve in plates.

Enjoy! So Yummy =D

For more balanced nutrition I would add a vegetable side dish to complete the meal. Since rice noodle is made of rice flour and rice, the entire recipe is gluten-free-this is a happy coincidence haha.
Shiitake mushroom is not only absolutely DELICIOUS but also beneficial for health! Look at what I found in cancer.org: (http://www.cancer.org/Treatment/TreatmentsandSideEffects/ComplementaryandAlternativeMedicine/DietandNutrition/shiitake-mushroom)

“Shiitake mushrooms are promoted to fight the development and progression of cancer and AIDS by boosting the body’s immune system. These mushrooms are also said to help prevent heart disease by lowering cholesterol levels and to help treat infections such as hepatitis by producing interferon, a group of natural proteins that stops viruses from multiplying.”

I just love and be proud of the old wisdom of Chinese culture! =D