Boston Erhu Ensemble To Delight Chinese Music Fans on June 2

By David Li,

On Saturday, June 2, Boston Erhu Ensemble will present a Chinese music concert at the First United Methodist Church, (645 Main St.), in Melrose at 7 PM. This concert will feature both traditional Chinese folk songs as well as arrangements of contemporary music pieces, and bring joy to many traditional Chinese music lovers in the greater Boston area.

For the past four years, the Boston Erhu Ensemble has become widely known as its young members have performed at an increasing number of venues in the eastern Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire areas. While Chinese New Year is a particularly busy time of year, the troupe is often called upon to perform on short notice at graduation events and cultural fundraisers.

A growing number of young people are discovering the beauty of traditional Chinese musical instruments. At the Greater Boston Chinese Cultural Association (GBCCA), located in West Newton, children ages 10 to 18 learn to play the Erhu, a traditional two-string Chinese instrument that is not unlike the (western) violin. Meeting two evenings a month, the current group of 10 boys and girls practice an ever broadening repertoire of musical selections as taught to them by their distinguished and talented teacher, Mr. Zhantao Lin.

A resident in Madlen, Mr. Lin hails from southern China and has brought his passion for music to these, and many other students (young and older), in the greater Boston area. Many of his students have won various award in the state and national competitions, such as Yulan Li’s gold medal in forth National Chinese Music Instrument Competition in 2011.

More recently, Mr. Lin introduced some members of the troupe to other instruments in the traditional Huqin family of Chinese strings. Instruments in this unique grouping include the Banhu, Gaohu, Dahu, Zhonghu, and Matouqin. The range of sound and timber produced by these stringed instruments varies widely, creating a fuller, more complex musical experience. In the spring of 2011, the group produced its first recorded CD.

Members of troupe include, (left to right): Amanda Ho, Eric Fan, Amy Lam, Mark Higgins, Yulan Li, Aaron Xu, Andrew Claxton , Anna Schmidt, Mr. Lin, Eleanor Chan, Alicia Chan, Brianna Ho, Athena Chan, and Xin Song (Jessica Ma is missing from photo). Both Anna
and Andrew are residents of Melrose.

To acquire free tickets or more information on the troupe, please check Boston Erhu Ensemble’s website at: or, or by phone: (617)340-9938. General seating will be available.

The website of Greater Boston Chinese Cultural Association is