From Sydney To Boston, Master Lu To Present Spiritual Healing in Late September

By 2OR Australia Oriental Radio

Master Lu is regarded as the primus inter pares, and endeavors to teach people how to recover from illnesses and overcome difficulties in life. Through his powerful ability for Totem Enquiry, Master Lu is able to examine one’s Totem in heaven according to the birth year, Chinese zodiac sign, and gender provided by the inquirer. By referencing the Totem, all information about one’s past, present and future lives can be collected.  And Master Lu provides guidance to the people who requests of their career, learning, and daily lives, so that they are able to recover from illnesses, change their lives, and find happiness.

Master Jun Hong Lu (right) receiving the 2012 World Peace Award (Buddhism), “in recognition for services to mankind.”

Causes of Illness:

Physical illness: such as sunburn, diarrhea from spoiled food, kidney stones etc.
Karmic illness: Negative energy built up in family or during past lifetimes, such as chronic illness, genetic and inherited illness, and being born with illnesses. Energy Requester related illness: A visitor or visitors ask for the return of a Karmic debt. There are two ways to return and achieve balance again:

A.) By experiencing physical, mental, and emotional pain or suffering, paying large medical bills, or sometimes the cost of one’s life as in an auto accident, heart attack, or cancer, etc.
B.) By making repentance and paying back by offering Little House(s) advised by Master Lu, or other spiritual practice etc.

Thousands of people have been successfully recovered from the following disorders:
Cancer, autism, Schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s,  headaches of unknown cause, skin illness, blood related illness, or other unexplainable or difficult illness…(medical reports and testimony are all available in Chinese)

In Mystical Arts, Spiritual Healing; Individual Readings, Master Lu will be replying Totem inquires upon requests live, free.  His readings take only a second with an accuracy rate that is almost 100%. He said it was not about how accurate he is, it is about  how to wake people up to the spiritual dimensions and how to practice effectively so that healing and prevention for illnesses can happen and people can live more consciously and smoothly.

Free entry for both Event below in September:
Sept. 29, 2012 in Harvard University, “Compassion and Wisdom Buddhism Changes Life” – Master Lu to cover topics inlcuding UFOs, extra-terrestrial beings, and the mysteries of the universe.

Location: HarvardUniversity Music building
John Knowles Paine Concert Hall
1 Oxford Street
Cambridge, MA02138
Date and Time: Saturday Sept. 29, 2012 from 2:00pm to 4:30pm

On Sunday, Sept 30, Master Lu will give a presentation on “Mystical Arts, Spiritual Healing and Individual Readings ”
Date and Time: Sunday Sep 30, 2012 from 1:30PMto 4:30PM
Location: Boston Marriott Cambridge Grand Ballroom
Two Cambridge Center, 50 Broadway, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 02142 USA
Free Entry. Please contact us for free ticket at 617-386-3948415-601-9139
or EMAIL [email protected], [email protected]

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