Dr. Robert Kuhn Speaks of Key Drivers of the Chinese Miracle at Chinese Civilization and China’s Path Forum

Beijing, China, Nov. 1, 2019, — the Chinese Civilization and China’s Path academic forum hosted by the Academy of Chinese Culture and the Kuhn Foundation was held today. More than 20 well-known Chinese and foreign scholars, such as Professor Michael Szonyi, director of the Fairbank Center for East Asian Studies at Harvard University, Li Junru, […]

Surging Waves Symposium to be Held at Harvard on April 30

Boston, April 26, 2016, — Panelists and moderator of the Surging Waves Symposium had a get-acquainted lunch on April 24 at the New Golden Gate restaurant in Boston Chinatown. Esther Lee, president of CABA Boston Lodge greeted Tunney Lee, Beatrice Lee, Lisa Wong, Diana Hwang and other panelists for the Symposium to be held at […]

The 19th Harvard China Forum in Pictures

By Yuan Wang, bostonese.com Founded in 1998, Harvard China Forum is the leading student organized China conference in the world. For nineteen years, the Forum has provided an unrivaled platform for world leaders to debate and address issues that impact the future of China. Organizers of Liepin N.A. job fair at this year’s Harvard China […]

World Internet Conference — ‘White-hat’ Hackers Key Force in Cyber Security

Wuzhen, China, Dec. 17, 2015 (source: China Daily, Cao Yin) — A very small office near the Sixth Ring Road in Beijing houses a very big dream, one that’s shared by thousands of Internet security enthusiasts across China. Internet security enthusiasts participate in a session related to the prevention of telecommunications fraud during a forum […]

Mylovetea Dr. Tea’s Lecture on Bohea Tea Draws Excitement at Harvard University

By Victor Chen, bostonese.com Cambridge, Mass., Nov. 22, 2015, — Dr. Tea, founder of Mylovetea.com, was recently invited to speak at the Harvard Chinese Culture Workshop at Harvard Yenching Library by moderator Ms. Phong Chang. The topic of Dr. Tea`s lecture was Bohea Tea: The Bridge of World History. One of the most interesting facts […]

CHSNE Annual Meeting Reflects on Impact of the 1965 Immigration Law

By Menlei Han, bostonese.com Boston, Nov. 10, 2015, — Chinese History Society of New England(CHSNE) held it annual meeting and dinner banquet at Empire Garden restaurant Friday evening. The theme of this year’s annual meeting is Impact of 1965: Immigration Law and Chinese in Boston. About 200 CHSNE members and guests attended the annual meeting. […]