Tropical Storm Isaac Delays RNC and Takes Aim at Gulf Coast

By David Li,

As the path of Tropical Storm Isaac moved to the west of some earlier predictions and thus farther away from Tempa, FL, organizers of Republican National Convention (RNC) breathed a sigh of relief. However, for safety considerations, RNC was still delayed by one day, and will now start on Tuesday, August 28.

Forecast of path of Isaac at 10:00 AM CDT Mon August 27, 2012 by National Hurricane Center.

According to AP report earlier today, tropical Storm Isaac is on target for a landfall on Tuesday, August 28, just one day ahead of the seventh anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, a much stronger Category 5 storm. Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus says Isaac has forced planners to delay the start of the convention, but Preibus says all the speakers who were set to address delegates Monday will be absorbed into the schedule during the rest of the week.

National Hurricane Center predicts that the warm ocean waters will strengthen tropical Storm Isaac into a Category 1 hurricane at time of its landfall somewhere along a roughly 300-mile stretch from the bayous southwest of New Orleans to the Florida Panhandle. The levee systems of New Orleans will once against by tested by the strong wind and heave rain brought about by the slow moving Isaac. A hurricane warning has been issued for east of Morgan City, Louisiana to Destin, Florida. The warning area includes New Orleans.

Likely Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney spent Monday in Wolfeboro, N.H., preparing for the RNC. Asked whether he had any message for the people of New Orleans, Romney said: “Our thoughts are with the people that are in the storm’s path and hope that they’re spared any major destruction.”