Inaugural Conference Celebrates Founding of New England Chinese Language Teachers’ Association

On Saturday, October 6, the Inaugural Conference of NECLTA International Conference will bring teachers and researchers of Chinese language from across New England to Tufts University. The focus of the conference is learning and teaching Chinese language and culture in a multicultural environment.

The NECLTA (New England Chinese Language Teachers’ Association) is very pleased to announce this Call for Registration for its first conference to celebrate its establishment. We have received a large number of high quality proposals for the conference presentations. It will be a great academic and professional gathering for the Chinese language teachers of all levels in the New England area and other regions in the US and in the world to exchange ideas, sharing experiences and partaking of the results of research. Anyone who is interested to attend is welcome to register online and participate.

The conference is free and online pre-registration is required to help us better prepare. The online conference registration site is:

Conference Schedule

October 6, 2012, Saturday, Granoff Music Center, Tufts University, Medford, Mass., USA


Granoff Music Center

Opening Ceremony

Opening remarks: Zhijun Wang and Baozhang He, Co-chairs of Conference Committee

Host Welcome Remarks

Election result: Mingquan Wang, Chair of Election Committee

Remarks and congratulations

President remarks


Break and Photo



Keynote Speech



Lunch and social

Panels Room #  A Room # B Room # C
1:30-3:20PM Chair: Tong Chen (MIT)

1.Cultural elements and language learning for heritage learners, Min-Min Liang  (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

2. Integrating Culture in Chinese Heritage Language education, Wei Lai (Queensborough Community College)

3. 随风潜入夜,润物细无声——以《中国话》为例谈文化要素如何融入汉语教学, 华莎  ( 商务印书馆, 中国)

4. 流行文化元素在美国中小学汉语教学中的应用, Erqian Xu, (Confucius Institute of SUNY, University at Buffalo)

Chair: Zhijun Wang (University of Massachusetts Amherst)

1.CFL learners’ acquisition of three SFPs in Mandarin Chinese, Chunsheng Yang (Framingham State University)

2. Investigating the depth of word knowledge in Chinese learners, Zhijun Wang (University of Massachusetts Amherst)

3.汉语作为第二语言学习词典语法信息的呈现原则与实现条件, 郝瑜鑫 (University of Massachusetts, Amherst & 北京师范大学)

4.美国大学生汉语学习态度、动机和认同的异同, 郭茜(中国南京大学海外教育学院)

Chair: Xiaoping Teng (Amherst college)

1.使用《实用节奏汉语》配合辅助主教材《听说读写》学习语法和声调, 滕小萍 (Amherst college)

2. 对美国二十余种主要初级汉语教材语音部分的调查, Liwei Jiao (University of Pennsylvania)

3. Designing a Mandarin Corner as a Nexus for Task-Based Mandarin Language Learning, James P. Zappen and Sui Duan, (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)

4. 浅谈汉字字形解析的返璞归真——“巴”字的启示, Levente Li (Tufts University)


Coffee break


Room # A Room # B Room # C
3:40-5:30PM Chair: Wenchao He (University of Rhode Island)

1.Creating Global Professionals

Wayne Wenchao He & Wen Xiong

(University of Rhode Island)

2.美国汉语教师汉语水平亟待提高, 波士顿大学 现代语言与比较文学系      黄伟嘉 (Boston University)

3. Intelligence to the Ears: Native Chinese Speakers’ Language Attitude towards Advanced Chinese L2 Learners, Lulei Su (Ohio State University)

4. Bridges and Stepping Stones: Assessing the Impact of the Governor’s Institute on Asian Cultures China Program, Jacqueline Drouin (University of Vermont)

Chair: Aimin Li (Dartmouth College)

1.“把字句”的教学问题, 李爱民(Dartmouth College)赵薇娜(Wellesley College)

2.信息素养课: 初级对外汉语教学中的重要一课,  Jing Hu  胡静      (Smith College)

3. Utilizing Error Correction in Chinese Teaching, Mushi Li, (Tufts University)

4. Teaching writing to heritage students: skills, strategies, and approaches,Tong Chen (MIT)

5. Strategies used in teaching writing to adult students, Min Wan, (Tufts University)

Chair: Xu Guo Chan ( University of Massachusetts Boston)

1.Develop different multimedia teaching methods for classes of different levels , Chiachen Lu (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)

2. 语言与语言习得的信息优化模型及其对语言教学的启示, 田清源 (北京语言大学)

3. Blending face-to-face classrooms with computer-mediated activities: Facilitating language communication through wiki and VoiceThread tasks, Yu Wu (Boston University); Xu Guo Chan ( University of Massachusetts Boston)

4. Reading classroom life as a social text: A critical discourse analysis of a college-level L2 Chinese classroom, Ying Zhang, (University of Massachusetts Amherst)