Next Media Animation’s Youtube Video Made Fun of NY Yankees

By David Li,

Boston – In a Youtube video titled “New York Yankees 2012 season headed off the rails,” Taiwan’s Next Media Animation created quite a few uncomfortable scenes for the NY Yankees and its fans. There were all the infielders on walkers, the ace pitch as fat as a whale, and A-Rod hurt often as he could no longer get steroids.

The video was uploaded on September 13, and was available in both English and Chinese.

One viewer of the video questioned Baltimore fan’s loyalty. His comment states “As much as Boston blows, they have TRUE fans, win or lose their fans always show up (unlike Balt). Fact is whether its this season or next season #28 is right around the corner, we have nothing but time, money and rings on our side!” It drew comparison of the historical collapse of Red Sox in September 2011, when Red Sox lost a huge lead entering that month and missed playoffs.

The video predicted the Baltimore would win the division, Tampa Bay would win the wild card, and NY Yankees would miss playoffs. I guess we have to wait until end of the season to find out.