Eaden Huang – A Photographer with a Passion for Nature’s Beauty

Eaden Huang immigrated to Boston in 1986 from Guangdong, China. He has studied in Bunker Hill Community College and the New England School of Photography. In New York City, he has worked for Zan Productions, Inc. as a full-time staff photographer. His talents and his persistence in the past 20 years of study and practice on photography have made him mature and skillful in his occupation.

This tree in the picture above was on the bank of Charles river.

Recognized by a mainstream of photography, Mr. Huang was invited to participate in many major exhibitions and competitions since 1988.
He was award winners in the 8th, 9th, 20th, 21st, 23rd, and 24th Annual Spring Photography Contests, which was held by Photographer’s
Forum Magazine. He was awarded as an Honorable Mention by the International Photography Competition in 2000 as well as by the
Jewish Community Center Gallery in Stoughton, MA in 2006.

In summer of 2007, Mr. Huang, along with 17 other talented artists in the North American Artist Association, traveled back to China and helped erect the South Gallery exhibition in Guangzhou City. They also held a group exhibition at the Confucius Gallery in New York in the fall of 2012.

As a successful photographer, Mr. Huang has wide interests in different forms of photography and different forms of art. Not only is he a well-known wedding party photographer, but is known for his works of landscape and still life as well. He loves people and nature. His philosophy about still life and landscape is that a masterpiece is a combination of light, colors, and shapes; but the most important and most challenging task for a photographer is to reveal the “spirit” of nature.

The following pictures were taken by Mr. Huang in the Fall of 2012 in Stoneham, Mass. and in Portland, Maine.

Recently, Mr. Huang began altering some of his works in Photoshop to evoke other emotions from the images. Inspired by watercolor works, he uses the program’s special effects to create different layers of colors and movement. With each new layer, the depth of his pictures grows.

Mr. Huang’s photo studio can be contacted via email: [email protected] .