Warren Swears In Again, On Track to Be the Senior Senator from Massachusetts

By David Li, bostonese.com

BOSTON, Jan. 5, 2013, — US Senator Elizabeth Warren held a reception and ceremonial swearing-in this afternoon at Roxbury Community College. Hundreds of her supporters showed up for this event.

The Commonwealth’s first female senator was officially sworn-in Thursday in Washington D. C. by Vice President Joe Biden. Today’s event was held so that constituents who were unable to attend that ceremony to share the occasion.

John Kerry introduced Warren at the event. “She will listen to you, not the special interest,” said Senator Kerry. He praised Warren for “the common sense, the comity, the passion, and the caring about the things that really make a difference.”

Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan performed the ceremony. Afterwards, Warren outlined her agenda in a speech.

“Our country will have some tough debates over the next few months about the deficit, the debt ceiling, and spending cuts. I’ll support cuts. But we start with big agriculture and big oil, not with social security,” said Senator Warren.

With Kerry confirmation as the next Secretary of Stage almost certain, Warren is on the fast track to become this state’s senior senator. It will be a historical event when the second US Senator swears in after a special election to replace Kerry in the Senator later this year. US Senator enjoys a 6-year term, and the two US Senators from the same state won’t be running for re-election at the same year. It’s unlikely if not unprecedented that a state is represented by two freshman Senators at the same time.

However, if Scott Brown decides to run for the special election and wins it, he will return to US Senate as the senior Senator as he has more experience than Warren.

Retired Congressman Barney Frank attended this event. He has expressed interest to be the interim US Senator until the special election is held some time in the spring. It’s up to Gov. Patrick to appoint an interim US Senator once Kerry’s nomination is confirmed by the Senator.

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