Wu Ying Vocal Studio 2013 Concert To Be Held on Jan. 12 in Lexington

Ying Wu, a mezzo-soprano, B.A. in Vocal Performance from Hangzhou Normal University, China. After her graduation, she performed as a soloist with the Performing Arts of Beijing Postal. In 2007, Ms. Wu played the title role in opera “Carmen” with Zhejiang Opera and Dance Drama Theatre. She also taught vocal performances in Beijing Zhongyin Arts School and Hangzhou Municipal Art Center for Youth.

Ms. Wu has some awards of “Great Singer” in the Nineteenth “Three Rivers” Singing Competition Finals, “Outstanding Singing” in “Under the Bright Sunlight” National Singing Competition, Second Prize in National Youth Singing Competition Zhejiang Trials and Third Prize in University Drama Challenge Cup. Since 2009, Ms. Wu has studied with Wellesley College voice faculty Gale Fuller and New England Conservatory professor D’Anna Fortunato.

Within three years of her moving to Boston, Ms. Wu has successfully established her vocal studio and taught over a hundred students using her unique Ground-Up Vocal Pedagogy and she successfully presented her solo concert at Follen Church to an overflow audience with her large studio of singers acting as choral ensemble as well.

Ms. Wu also teaches voice at the Angel Performing Art School, Acton Chinese Language School, Westwood Chinese Language School and Winchester Chinese Culture School.

David Collins, a faculty member of Wellesley College, where he serves as coach and accompanist in the music department, as well as pianist for the College Chorale. He received an Undergraduate degree in composition from Western Michigan University, a Master degree in accompanying from the University of Wisconsin at Madison, and a Doctorate in collaborative piano and vocal coaching from the New England Conservatory, where he studied with Irma Vallecillo, Kayo Iwama and John Greer. He currently serves as the Assistant Artistic Director for the Young Opera Company of New England, and is on the faculty of Lesley University in Cambridge, where he teaches piano and conducts the University Chorale.

David performs regularly in the Boston area and is also on the accompanying staff of Boston Conservatory. He maintains a private piano and vocal coaching studio in Lynn, Massachusetts.

Jimmy Chen a high school sophomore who is currently attending Winchester High School in MA. He has been playing the piano as a hobby for a little more than 10 years.

In June of 2012, Jimmy Chen successfully obtained his piano diploma by passing the DIPABRSM piano exam. In his free time, he enjoys playing tennis and badminton with his friends.


Children’s group concert is to be held on 4:30 PM on Saturday January 12, 2013 at Follen Community Church, 755 Mass. Ave, Lexington MA 02421.

Children’s group concert Program

1. 采蘑菇的小姑娘     Mushroom Picking Girl

Words: Gu Jianfen     Music: Xiao Guang

                         Acton Angel after school Group


2. 小小少年     Little Boy    from German Movie Handsome Boy

                     Winchester after school Group


3. 读书郎     Study Boy      Words: Song Yang    Music: Lin Hua

Acton Chinese school Group


4. 小燕子 Little Swallow

Words: Wang Lu & Wang Yunjie   Music: Wang Yunjie

Belmont after school & Winchester Chinese school Group


5.  泉水叮咚响   The Sound of Spring Water  words: Ma Jingxing

俞晓茜 Yu Xiaoqian                          


6. 小背篓   Small Back Basket

Words: Ouyang Changlin   Music: Bai Chenren

张蕊 Zhang Rui


7. I don’t know how to love him   from Jesus Christ Superstar

Words: Tim Rice    Music: Andrew Lloyd Webber

 Hannah Liu                  


8. Ave Maria    Music: Franz Schubert

 Ellen Askey


9. Heavenly Grass         Music: Paul Bowles

 Ying Wu

10. Must the winter come so soon?

from opera Vanessa, music: Samuel Barber

            Ying Wu

11采菱   Mining Water Chestnut 

      Words: Ziwei Guo    Music: Yan Mu

    Lexington Angel after school Group


12种太阳   Planting the Sun     Words & Music:Binxue Li         

    Lexington Angel after school Group    


13.  小螺号Small shell trumpet   Words: Fu Lin   Music: Zuo Runrui

       Acton Little Star Group

14. Feed the birds   from Mary Poppins

Words & Music: Richard M. Sherman & Robert B. Sherman

Acton Little Star Group


15. Once up on a dream       from Sleeping Beauty

Words & Music: Sammy Fain & Jack Lawrence

Acton Little Star Group


16. Two Cats Duet   Music: G. Rossini

Acton Chinese school & Westwood Chinese School Group

17. 妈妈格桑拉 Mama Ge Sang La  

Words: Zhang Donghui    Music: Ao Changqun

Winchester Afterschool &ChineseSchool Group

  1. 18.   歌声与微笑  Singing and Smiling

Words: Wang Jian    Music: Gu Jianfen

Winchester After school & Winchester Chinese School

Westwood Chinese SchoolGroup



Acton Little Stars Group

Olivia Hu, Michelle Gong, Olivia Liang, Vivian Shen,

Averi Zhong, Meili Stanten, Siena Stanten

Acton Angel After-school Group

Joy Wang, Ashley Liu, Sophie Wu, Jacqueline Wang, Grace Chen,

Evelyn Huang, Helen Li, Elsie Liu, Emily Liu, Rachel Lu, Emily Ren,

Hanna Wang, Jasmine Wu, Jessica Zhang, Sophie Zhang, Chloe Zhong

Acton Chinese School Group

Xinghua Fu, Michael Hu, Jasmine Lai, Brian Li,Olivia Li,

Jessie Wang, Jasmine Wu, Emily Xu, Andrew Zhang, Kevin Zhao,

Belmont After-school Group

Olivia Zhao , Fang-Heng  Du, Juliette  Peng, Victoria  Chen, Daben  Liu,

Dahlia  Liu, Leo Sun, Samuel Zhang, Katherine Bai, Jessica  Peng,

Amy Chen, Michelle Jiang, Alice Shu, Brian Shu,

Lexington Angel After-school Group

Sophie Yilin Wang, Wendy Ni, Abby Ni, Chuning Yang, Chujing Yang

Tiffany Liu, Victoria

Westwood Chinese School Group

Amelia Zai, Rachel Shi, Rebecca Shi, Emily Zhang, Shirley Hu,

 Hannah Wang, Damian Driscoll, Kelly Driscoll

Winchester After-school Group

Eric Tang, Kenny Wong, ,Boyang Wang,Amy Luo, Gabriel Guo,

 Caleb Hu, Thomas Yi, Sherry You, David Liu

Winchester Chinese School Group

Eloise Barriault, Sophie Barriault, Grace Liu, Andrea Kohler,

Stella Pan, Juliette Peng, Juliana Li, Joanna Liu


Adult group concert is to be held on Saturday at 7:30 PM on January 12, 2013 at Follen Community Church, 755 Mass. Ave, Lexington MA 02421.

Wu Ying Vocal Studio
Telephone: 857-998-2278
Email: [email protected]

吴影声乐工作室  2013 音乐会 成人组节目单

1.精忠报国         词:陈涛     曲: 张宏光

Acton Chinese School Group

2.芦花     贺东久 词  印青 曲

                                          Acton Chinese School Group

3.刘海砍樵               湖南花鼓戏

 宁伟& 江敏

4.美丽的神话    词: 王中言   曲: 崔浚荣

Commonwealth Group   

5. 爱歌屯欢歌联唱                                                         

 Acton Group

6.在那桃花盛开的地方     词: 邬大为, 魏宝贵   曲: 铁源


7. 吉普赛女郎之歌     曲: 柴科夫斯基


8.天边         词: 吉尔格楞   曲: 乌兰托嘎


9.鳟鱼      曲: 舒伯特


10.天堂草     Heavenly Grass      Music : Paul Bowles


11. 小夜曲     曲: 舒伯特


12.乡音乡情      词:晓光    曲:徐沛东


13. 摇篮曲     东北民歌


14Oratorio aria: J.S. Bach Magnificat Et exsultavist



15.我亲爱的爸爸O mio babbino caro   

选自歌剧: 贾尼.斯基基        曲: 普契尼.

                                    Kathy Zeng

16. 今夜无人入睡    Nessun dorma

选自歌剧:图兰朵        曲:普契尼

  1. 17.   记忆      Memory  

选自音乐剧:猫     曲:韦伯

                                         Commonwealth Group

18. 圆舞曲     Lippen schweigen        

      选自歌剧:分流寡妇       曲:列哈尔         小提琴: Zhongwen  Shi

          Newton Center  Group

19. 家乡     词曲:韩红

Newton Center&Westwood&Acton Chinese School Group


20. Time to say goodbye  

words & Music: Lucio Quarantotto & Francesco Sartori

 林坚 & 翁伟安 & 全体



Acton Chinese School Group

He Tim, Hu Mingxiu, Hu Weihua, Li Yufeng, Liu Minhua,

Sun Guangyu, Tian Cheryl, Wang Jennifer, Zhou Jing, Zhou Sharron

Acton Group


扬帆,黄玲, 田红兵,陈术,林朝阳,李捷,李劲冬,程晓峰

Commonwealth Group

姚桂兰, 高永华, 张黎, 姚建华, 顾狄帆, 贺德广,

葛宗民, 黎智, 何华, 陈季青, 冯炎峰, 于旸

Newton Center Group

May Liu, Kathy zeng, 宁伟, 林志方,翁洁,

翁伟安, 江敏, 林坚, 林楠, 苏沛,Kathy Wang

Westwood Group

Wang xiaoyun, Li xin, Wang Xin, Fu Ming, Chia Brennan