ACLS Marks Ten Year Anniversary with Day-long Celebrations

By David Li,, photos by Chun Sun

Acton, Mass., Feb. 20, 2013, — With memories of the extraordinary 2012 Acton Chinese Music Night still fresh in people’s mind, Acton residents were treated with another wonderful show put together by Acton Chinese Language School (ACLS) on Feb. 16. This time, the occasion is celebrating 10th birthday of ACLS and also the beginning of Chinese New Year.

In an invitation letter, Yanni Gou wrote on behalf of the Event Preparation Committee:”We are proud of the ten-year history of ACLS. From its small beginnings in 2003, the school has grown into a flourishing center for the more than 700 students of all ages who gather each Sunday afternoon to study language and enjoy Chinese culture. In addition to helping the area’s Chinese residents integrate smoothly into American life, the school has given back to the community through scholarships, library donations, and sponsorship of cultural activities. We are proud that the school has become a vital source of energy within the town we now call home.”

In the afternoon and evening of Feb. 16, the 7.5 hour event included many activities. A 100-page 10-year anniversary journal was put together with both Chinese and English articles, congratulations letters & special citations. A video was played in the evening before the cultural performances. It showcased the history of ACLS and dedication and love of people for ACLS with memorable pictures and precious videos pieces.

Children and Adults Activities started at 2 PM till 5 PM, including riddles for children and adults and about 10 crafts and fun games for Children. A regional Chinese language teacher’s conference was also held at the same time. Thirteen types of awards were given to over 400 teachers, students, management team members and volunteers.

Dinner started at 5 PM. Authentic Chinese food was ordered from Spicepepper Garden in Acton, and cakes and sweet sesame ball from Hudson Super Buffet.

Awards Ceremony and cultural performance started at 7:00-9:30 pm in Acton-Boxboro Regional High School auditorium. 81-year-old Beatrice Lee came all the way from her home in Arlington. She said that the achievements ACLS has made over past ten years was extraordinary. As one of the founders of Newton Chinese School more than 50 years ago, Mrs. Lee said that ACLS would achieve many more milestones in the months and years ahead. Of course, Mr. Lee enjoyed every minute of the cultural performances by ACLS students and professionals singers and musicians from Boston Chinese Musicians Association, and would take the beautiful memories with her when she would start a Florida vacation two days later.

Please check out some great pictures by Chun Sun below.

Program of cultural performances and awards

1. Lion Dance, Wah Lum KungFu of Concord
Principal Remarks
Acton-Boxborough Superintendent Remarks: Steve Mills
ACLS 10th Anniversary Celebration Video

2. Dance: Ocean Little Girls ACLS Chinese Folk Dance Class
Instructor: Linda Biyun Zhu
TAs: Joy Jiang, Joy Zhong, Helena Ma

3. Pipa Ensemble ACLS Pipa Class
Victoria Wang, Kimberly Jin, Alicia Yang
Instructor: Lucy Lu

4. Dance Duet Angel Dance
Liu Yifeng & Ellen Yang
ACLS Leadership Award

5. Chinese Traditional Instrument Ensemble

6. Female Vocal Solo by Yan Lian

7. Female Vocal Solo by Jie Wang

8. Selections from Traditional Chinese Opera
ACLS teachers
ACLS Long Term Management Service Award

9. Zheng Solo by Hui Weng

10. Female Solo by Wanzhe Zheng

ACLS Graduates Serve Back Award

11. Tenor Solo by Jianhua Jian(ACLS)

12. Song and Dance by Ying Wu and Angel Dance School

13. Chorus ACLS and Andover Chorus
Conductor: Wanjun Qiao

ACLS Long Term Teachers Award
Flower presentation to all teachers

14. Dragon Dance by Wah Lun Kung Fu of Concord