Two Chinese American Candidates Run for Town Meeting Members in Lexington Today

By David Li,

Local elections are being held today in various communities in Massachusetts. In Lexington, two Chinese Americans Geoffrey Xiao and Hongbin Luo are running for town meeting members. On Super Tuesday of 2012, Weidong Wang was elected to 5-member Lexington House Authority, and became the first Chinese American to win town-wide election in Lexington.
Sample ballot for precinct 7.

Geoffrey Xiao is running in precinct 7, and he mentioned that he was in part inspired by Weidong Wang’s election last year. He pointed out that there were only two Chinese Americans among the 198 town meeting members. In post cards handed out by volunteers working for his campaign, Mr. Xiao wrote:

  • Lexington resident since 2010. Live with my wife Maggie and my daughter Christina Xiao who is a 4th grader at Estabrook.
  • Community activities include co-founding member of CAAL Community Task Force, volunteering in our Estabrook School, and volunteering in the Lexington 300th Celebrations.
  • Proven leadership skills and experience to work with other stakeholders collaboratively in decision-making process.
  • I hope to represent our interests in Town Meeting and ask for one of your votes on March 4.

In precinct 1, Hongbin Luo is running as a write-in candidate. He outlined his goals for serving as town meeting member below.

“My family and I have enjoyed the sense of community here in Lexington ever since our move 14 years ago. During our time here, I have also witnessed countless residents contributing huge amounts of time and energy towards improving the community. These people inspire me to appreciate and contribute to the town of Lexington. Being a Town Meeting Member would be a wonderful opportunity for me to give back to the Town and its people.

Like many of you, we came to Lexington because of the wonderful education this Town offers our children. My top priorities in Town Meeting will be to maintain and increase the quality of our public schools and to ensure that Town budgets remain sustainable.”

According to town of Lexington’s website, to vote for a person whose name is not printed on the ballot, write the candidate’s name on the line provided and completely fill in the OVAL. Voting ends at 8:00 this evening.