Save the Date — 6th Annual Westwood Chinese Cultural Night on May 11

By Kimberly Huang, Westwood Chinese Cultural Association

On May 11, 2013 at 7:30 pm, Westwood Chinese Culture Association is hosting the 6th Annual Westwood Chinese Cultural Night in the Westwood High School auditorium. As this year is our six year, and my last year in Westwood High, we have striven to present internationally distinguished performers who have mastered skills that many people have never seen before. Briefly, these acts include:

Nai-Yi Zhao: The world famous Chinese opera performer from China, together with his wife Yuzhi Tang, will be performing the rare and mysterious art of Mask-Changing. Because of its surreal nature, it has been ranked in China as a level-two national secret. It is safe to say that this Mask-Changing performance will be one of the first times Boston experiences this national treasure. But Nai-Yi brings to the stage even more: his innovative style incorporates magic into his program. In 2004, he won a gold medal in the International Magic Competition. It is our honor to invite such a renowned performer.

The Chinese Folk Art Workshop: This talented group brings to us a wide range of traditional Chinese arts, but with its use of modern technology and techniques, provides a one-of-a-kind experience to audience members. The performers, trained in dragon dancing, diabolo, lion dancing, drums and more, were certified by the White House’s President’s Volunteer Service Award as a Gold Youth Organization to honor the members’ contributions to the community.

Besides these performers, we are lucky to have many more outstanding performers. Westwood Chinese School’s martial arts, chorus, and dance students will also be performing, as well as their talented teachers: Master Shi Hengzhen, a 35th generation martial arts master from China’s Shaolin Temple and was invited to perform for President Obama and President Hu of China; Wu Ying, a professional opera singer; and Clare Lee, who will dance with her dynamic dance troop, Dance Revelasian.

Because the Westwood Chinese Cultural Association is a non-profit group, we ask that you to be our sponsor to help bear this large expense. For the last five years, the Westwood Chinese Cultural Night has established a reputation as one of the most prestigious shows around the Boston area, and has kept audience members and sponsors coming back year after year.

For further information, please call Kimberly Huang (781) 366-1455 or email [email protected]. All donations will be greatly appreciated and will be listed in our program booklets.

Please make the check payable to Westwood Chinese Culture Association and mail to:

Westwood Chinese Cultural Association
Kimberly Huang
6 Metcalf Road
Westwood, MA 02090