GBAAYSO Celebrates Five Year Anniversary with Concert in Lexington

By Beatrice Lee, columnist

I was invited to a concert of Greater Boston Asian-American Youth Symphony Orchestra(GBAAYSO) at Cary Memory Hall in Lexington on Nov. 14. This concert celebrated GBAAYSO’s five-year anniversary with a program of both Eastern and Western music. The String Quartet of GBAAYSO also performed at the opening ceremony of “Xinjing 24 Hours” photo exhibition at Asian Cultural Center Boston on Nov. 20.
Conductor Jie Yang (2nd from left) and GBAAYSO String Quartet perform at Asian Cultural Center Boston(photo by David Li).

Joe Yang and Ken S. Lui were conductors of the concert. The program included Wang Danhong Rushi GuZheng concerto, soloist Hui Weng, Mendelssohn Symphony No. 3 Scottish. One of the Chinese Folk Tunes has always been my favorite: The Moon Reflected on the E-Quan Spring.

What really bothered me so much was why the audiences not making a big effort being quiet. Why bringing the infant making noises? Why in the world that you have to talk in such a loud voice during such great program? If your sons and daughters and grandchildren are performing, pay attention and give respect to the others.

If I were the artist, I probably walked out without performing to you guys until you’re quiet. I was really sick about those people, but my son Peter keep pulling my sleeves and would not let me do anything, telling me to “mind your own business”.

It was really a wonderful concert. I was so happy to see so many young uprising talented artist in the making. I think last time I saw George Li graduating from Lexington high school, was going into Harvard. This time I saw his Younger brother performing. What a talented family. Wonderful parents,very humble,not the least bit like Lang Lang’s proud parents’s behavior and mannerism.

Since it’s inception from 2011, GBAAYSO monthly community outreach music performances serve an important part of our organization. The young musicians have performed in many greater Boston areas. It connects young musicians and the communities together for the common ground of supporting local communities. Whether it is a Music For Food for local food pantries, Rosie’s Place for Homeless Women, Brain injury rehab. center, or support of the Asian Task Force Against Domestic Violence. GBAAYSO has done a great job engaging community music performances and encouraging community involvement and cultural awareness between the Western and Asian music traditions.

After five yeas of great music making experience, many of GBAAYSO members continue working on their arts beyond high school. They apply their creative and transformative power of classical music to many other disciplines. Of course, their merit and success can never be separated from the support and love of their parents, educators, and at some point, if there is any, come from journalist and public media which strive to share the story behind every single success story of Asian American. Their effort and passion to showcase Asian American are highly recognized by the community.

The following are video of performances by Guzheng artist Hui Weng and GBAAYSO String Quartet at Asian Cultural Center Boston.

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