Chinese Baby Rescued from Sewage Pipe Leaves Hospital


Beijing, May 30, 2013, — The infant boy who was rescued from a toilet pipe in east China’s Zhejiang province has been released from hospital. Local police said the baby was taken home by his grandparents.

According to the police, a man who claimed to be the child’s father turned up at the hospital and requested a paternity test. He said if the baby is his, he is ready to discuss with the woman how to support the child.

The baby’s unmarried 22-year-old mother said she did not intend for the child to fall into the toilet while giving birth to the baby last Saturday. She said that she tried to grab the newborn but its body was too slippery and evaded her grasp.

Local police said they have referred to the records and finished questioning the woman, adding that the evidence they had obtained supports the woman’s claims.