SAPA-NE举办知识产权讲座 筹划第15届年会

【侨报周末特约记者李强波士顿图文报道】 纽英伦美中生物医药协会(SAPA-NE)创业俱乐部日前在牛顿市国际创业中心举行了以知识产权创业为主题的专题讲座。大约100位参加者超过了组织者的预期,许多人都是站着听完3个多小时讲座。

三位演讲嘉宾是波士顿学院的杰森·文(Jason Wen)、专利律师刘毅以及哈佛医学院副教授Omid Farokhzad。他们以“建立一个以知识产权为基础的公司”为题,向与会者从不同的角度介绍了拥有专利、商标等知识产权对于一个公司发展的重要性。
上图: 刘毅在演讲中



前任会长马炳莉和现任会长钭理强吿诉记者,今年是SAPA-NE成立15周年,5月份将在麻省理工学院举行盛大的年会。今年的年会由候任会长林庆聪统筹,已经邀请到包括2011年诺贝尔生理医学奖得主免疫学家布鲁斯‧比特勒(Bruce Beutler)博士在内的高级别演讲嘉宾。届时,包括许多目前在中国发展的SAPA-NE会员,以及来自中国的医药界人士都将聚集波士顿,共囊盛举。有关年会信息网址:

SAPA-NE’s 2013 Annual Conference Attracts World-renowned Scientists, Innovators in Pharmaand BioTech, and successful Entrepreneurs

Dear SAPA members and friends:

The 15th Sino-American Pharmaceutical Professionals Association New England (SAPA-NE) Annual Conference will take place in Sloan School of Management and Walker Memorial Morss Hall at MIT on May 25th, 2013 (8:00 am – 5:30 pm). Dr. Bruce Beutler, the 2011 Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine will join the annual conference as one of the keynote speakers. The conference will provide attendees with excellent networking opportunities as well as, insights of drug R&D from world-class scientists.

The theme of the conference is “Scientific Innovation and Technological Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Drug R&D” The conference will have four plenary sections with outstanding speakers
and panelists, including Nobel Laureate, biopharma industry senior executives, Chinese returnee entrepreneurs, professors, and other experts, who will share their visions on scientific innovation, high-tech entrepreneurship, and business development in US and emerging markets. Strong focus will be on how key pharmaceutical industry companies can reshape themselves with scientific innovation and cutting-edge technologies and global strategies to build up strong drug pipelines, and how Chinese scientists and entrepreneurs are shaping up China’s biological and pharmaceutical research for their innovative drug R&D.

Confirmed Keynote Speakers and Panelists:

Dr. Bruce Beutler, Chair, UT Southwestern Medical Center
Dr. Steven Projan, SVP, AstraZeneca
Dr. Will Somers, VP of Global Biotherapeutic Technologies, Pfizer
Dr. Brigitta Tadmor, VP, Novartis
Dr. Phil Vickers, Senior VP of research, Shire
Dr. Michael Vincent, VP, Pfizer
Dr. Zhaolun Sun, CEO of East Linden
Dr. Yajun Xu, SVP of ChemPartner
Dr. Alan Wong, VP of Livzon MabPharm
Dr. Weimin Tang, Executive Director of CrownBio
Dr. Lily Li, VP of Crystal Pharmatech Inc.
Dr. Jun Wang, VP of Medicilon
Dr. James Jin, VP of Biocytogen
Dr. Jason Wen, Director of Boston College
Dr. Grace Wong, CEO of ActoKine Therapeutics
And more…..

What makes our annual meeting even more special is that this year is also the 15th anniversary of SAPA-NE. We will host one of biggest celebration parties in SAPA-NE history at Morss Hall at
MIT. Nanjing Economic and Technological Development Zone will join us to co-host “The Night of Nanjing” for you to enjoy the excellent networking and job opportunity. More details and exciting news will follow.

We are looking forward to seeing you all on May 25th, 2013 at MIT.

Sincerely yours,
SAPA-NE Executive Committee

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The day time event is free for active SAPA members and MIT students. You can pay $30 to become SAPA-NE member (student $10) to enjoy our full year events free.

For dinner Banquet, the ticket is $30 if you pay online, and will be $50 onsite. In addition, free breakfast (before 8 am) and free lunch will be provided.
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