So Long Acton, Mass., after 31 Years!

By Mr. and Mrs. Steve Lee

We as a couple have lived in Acton for over 30 years and enjoyed living in this wonderful town and our quiet neighborhood. We are now retired and would like to move to a warm-weather city, and join our old friends.

Our house was built in 1980, and we moved to live in the house in 1982. We have done a lot of additions and improvements, such as adding a 16 feet x 24 feet mahogany balcony, and completion of a 25 feet x 32 feet basement for fitness, entertainment and office use.

The Colonial style house is about half a mile from the Middle School is a good area in Acton, with 2,694 square feet of living space (not including additional 800 square feet of basement). It also has good Feng Shui. There is an original forest trail behind the house. It takes about 4 to 5 minutes to walk around it.

The sale price is about $750,000. Interested persons please contact us by calling: 617-308-7937 or email: [email protected]