Chung Changing Lives, Inc. and BCNC Team up to Launch Summer Music Academy

Boston, June 6, 2013, — Chung Changing Lives, Inc. and the Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center, Inc (BCNC) are pleased to announce the creation of S.M.A.R.T, a summer music education program for youth ages 13-18, running from July 8-July 24, 2013.
Patrick and Cecelia Chung.

S.M.A.R.T – Summer Music Academy for Real Teens – is a three week intensive music program designed for youth which will be held at BCNC to learn from and work with professional musicians to build their skills in performance, songwriting, music synthesis, and more. S.M.A.R.T asks teens to define what a musician is and what music can be. S.M.A.R.T wants teens to tap into their passion, to find their inspiration, and to explore all that is possible with music.

“My parents were both professional in the music industry. My mother was a singer and my father a producer and so it is partially because they followed their passions that I have had the opportunities I have had to succeed,” said Patrick Chung, founder of Chung Changing Lives and current NFL player. “I believe all young people should have the opportunity to experiment and learn about themselves, to be guided by mentors, and to build lasting friendships through a bonding experience brought about by music.”
“It is part of our hard-wired values to support young people who reflect the diversity of our board, allies, and families,” stated Elaine Ng, executive director of BCNC “Boston is an extremely diverse city, attracting people from all walks of life. Locating this program in Chinatown, which is easily accessible and is one of the most densely populated and traveled neighborhoods of this great city, is a fitting way to reach all the neighborhoods and communities of Greater Boston we want to reach.”

“We are excited to pilot this innovative program,” remarked Cecelia Chung, executive director of Chung Changing Lives. “Even more, we are excited to bring renowned musicians and athletes to this program to interact with young people, and remind us all that the people we see on TV once walked the same neighborhoods and buildings that they walk, and they come to their level of success by working hard and being committed to what they do.”

Chung Changing Lives is dedicated to improving the lives of children. It was established to support the personal and academic development of boys and girls through providing access to enrichment and educational programs ranging from swimming classes to musical instruction. The goal of Chung Changing Lives is to cultivate healthy lifestyles and active civic participation by ensuring that children have equal access to character-shaping experiences.

The mission of BCNC is to ensure that the children, youth, and families that we serve have the resources and support to achieve greater economic success and social well-being. For over 40 years, BCNC has served as a vital link for the Asian immigrant and Asian American community of Greater Boston. BCNC strives to provide the support and resources needed for participants to integrate into American society, while preserving the community’s rich culture. Most of those served are immigrant Chinese, with low family incomes and limited English ability.

To learn more about S.M.A.R.T or to sponsor a child to attend, please call Chung Changing Lives, Inc. at 617.877.0363 or BCNC at 617.635.5129.