HXGNY Hosts First Go Expo Showcasing the Surrounding Game

By Dachun Yao, HXGNY

This Sunday (06/09/13) afternoon, our beloved GO teacher Ms. Jie Tang (US North East GO tournament 5D Champion) held the Greater New York GO EXPO in Huaxia Chinese School Greater New York (HXGNY) with great success.
HXGNY students enjoy playing Go at the expo. (photos by Liang Wang and Chun Sun)

Ms. Jie Tang is not only an experienced GO teacher and an excellent GO player, she also has a very insightful understanding of the GO wisdom. In this event, Ms. Jie Tang shared with us her teaching experience and her understanding of GO philosophy, which is summarized as “Life is Go as GO is life”.

Also, a software engineer from Microsoft Inc, Dr. Chun Sun from Boston had a short teaching session titled as “A Brief Introduction to Computer Go”. In addition, the film directors for “The Surrounding Game”, Mr. Will Lockhart and Mr. Cole Davis Pruitt, were invited to speak and to discuss the movie with the audiences.

The event also included the recreational GO activities for children, a mini class of “GO for dummies” along with professional GO masters’ impromptu performance.

“I did this event mainly to help movie makers for their completion of the movie. I hope the movie will be successful. I have many friends made good contribution,” said Ms. Tang.

Many avid GO fans from around the East Coast visited HXGNY and participated in this event. All GO lovers, adults and children, enjoyed the free admission to this event and had a lot of fun. As the largest Chinese school in the area, HXGNY is not only dedicated to provide the best Chinese education, but also strives to build local Chinese community. We will continue our effort to organize more Chinese culture activities.

The movie’s website is: www.surroundinggamemovie.com.