CCBA-NE Holds First-ever Art Show by Art Class Students

By David Li,

Boston, July 3, 2013, — Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association of New England (CCBA-NE) art class for children held an art show in the afternoon of June 29 at the meeting room of CCBA. The art show is a celebration of ending of the first-ever art class at CCBA-NE with about 40 students, their parents and CCBA-NE staff.

The art show was hosted by Karen Lee, a CCBA-NE volunteer. Rick Wong, president of CCBA-NE, praised teacher Yifang Guo and his students for their hard work in the opening remarks. He happily received a classic Chinese painting as a gift from Mr. Guo.

In his speech, Mr. Guo said: “I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to the president of CCBA, Mr Wong and all members of board of directors, because of your support, we have opened the art class here in CCBA start February this years. Many of you here know me as an art teacher at the Kwong Kow school for 22 years. CCBA gave us great support so we have place to teach and learn. Teaching art is my pleasure, I treat it not as a job, it is contribution to Chinese community overseas.”

When reflecting on his 23-year teaching career, Mr. Guo mentioned that he was very happy to see the growth of his students in both Chinese school students and in private classes. Among hundreds of his studnets, some went to art college and became artists, movie producers in Hollywood and architects. Even though most of them are studying majors and doing jobs not related to the art, all of them benefit by learning art.

“You don’t have to become an artist to learn art. Anyone will benefit from leaning art in image, image thinking, image creative, sense of vision, sense of proportion, sense of perspective, sense of colors. These are the main goals of art education. No matter what are you going to do in the future, learning art will help you build stronger foundation,” said Mr. Guo.

Water-color paintings Hannah Yeung, Eric Truong, Jared Yeung and a few other students made quite an impression to Simon Chan, Larry Young, Philip Huang, Levelin Chan and others in the audience. According to Karen Lee, the art class for children will resume after the Labor Day on September 6. Please call CCBA-NE at (617)542-2574 for enrollment information.

CCBA-NE is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization establish in 1923. Currently with 35 members consisting of family associations and community organizations, CCBA-NE serves as the umbrella organization for the Chinese communities of New England. Originally located at 14 Oxford Street, it relocated to its current address at 90 Tyler Street in the 1980s when the City of Boston sold the building that was the Quincy Elementary School to CCBA for one dollar.