Winners of Talent Contest of New England Youths Compete for Grand Prize at Banquet of NAWA of Mass.

By David Li,

Boston, July 5, 2013, –The Seventh Anniversary Celebrating Banquet of National Asian Women’s Association (NAWA) of Massachusetts was held at Quincy China Pearl Restaurant in the evening of June 30, 2013. About 300 guests attended this banquet, including state Rep. Tackey Chan and Hung Goon, a representative for Malden Mayor Gary Christensen. First place winners of the inaugural Talent Contest of New England Youths competed for $300 cash prize.
Ms. Van Amanda Le with contest winners Jeff Zhou (left) and Hayley Ye (right), photo by Eadwn Huang.

In her opening remarks, Van Amanda Le, president of NAWA of Mass. thanked the support from the community over the past seven years. She was especially proud of the successful completion of the inaugural Talent Contest of New England Youths, and thanked Mayor Christensen for his strong support. Ms. Le mentioned that the mission of the talent contest was to enhance the second generation of young people with a proper and healthy interest in developing Eastern and Western culture, and promote awareness of the new generation of traditional culture and art.

Soprano Yan Lian opened the evening performances with a popular Chinese song Today is a Good Day. Ms. Lian is a member of the Boston Chinese Musician’s Association, and also a judge for the talent contest.

In the talent contest, Hayley Ye’s beautiful dance Butterfly won the grand prize, getting 70 votes from the audience, beating out Ming Zhou’s flute performance by three votes. The Focal Chinese Music chorus with seven young children performed a beautiful song and won warm applause from the audience. They were directed by composer Jean Y. Foo.

According to Janice Ye, the dance Butterfly was choreographed by teacher Chu Ling. Ming Zhou is a student of Mr. Chin-shan Chang. Ms. Ye also thanked NAWA and its organizers for giving her daughter and other contestants a chance to show their talents.

The NAWA’s talent contest included many categories, and attracted about 200 contestants from the greater Boston area. The following is detailed information about the contest that lasted three months during the first half of 2013.

A. 比赛項目 Competition Categories:
1. 中樂组 Eastern Music Instrument: Erhu 二胡,Gusheng 古筝,Pipa 琵琶,Dulcimer 揚琴,Sheng 竹笛 。
2. 西樂組 Western Music Instrument: Piano 鋼琴, Violin 小提琴, Clarinet黑管,Trumpet 小喇叭, Harpute 豎琴,Flute 長笛。
3. 東方舞 Eastern Dances : Classic Dance 古典舞, Folk Dance 民族舞,Minority Dance 少數民族舞。
4. 西方舞 Western Dances : Ballet Dance 芭蕾舞,Modern Dance 現代舞,Hiphop Dance 嘻哈舞。
5. 聲樂组 Vocal : Pop Song 流行音樂, Opera 京或粵劇。
6. 武術 Martial Arts: Fist 拳術, Weapons 武功, Traditional傳統/Modern 現代。
7. 多媒體專題演說 Multi–Media Creative Design Declamation
8. 演說 Public Declamation
9. 東方畫 Eastern Paintings: Portrait 人物,Landscape 山水, Flowers 花鳥
10. 西方画 Western Painting : Drawing 素描,Paintings 油画,Watercolor 水彩画,Pastel 粉彩画,Cartoons 卡通漫画。

B. 参赛資格 Qualification : Youths living in New England from 6 to 22. All contestants should be brought a valid identification with photo and signed a release form for photos taken, video on broadcast before performances with a parent or guardian signature for minors.

C. 申请程序 Application Procedure : Applying the assigned website: or application forms are available at 33 Harrison Ave, 7th fl, Boston MA. Please attached two recent color photos with completed form and a clip of the performance on DVD/send it via email [email protected] or mail to 265 North Central Ave, 1St fl, Quincy, MA BEFORE 3/20/2013. Competition schedule mailed 2 weeks before competition.

D. 報名費 Registration fees : $20 to $50 for each item based on individual category and may apply for various items. Please write check payable to NAWA of MASS at 265 North Central Ave, lst floor, Quincy MA 02170.

E. 獎勵 Awards: Please review various details based on different categories.請查閱各項比赛的不同獎勵 規定。

F. 比赛日期 Contest Dates:
1. 4/13/2013 Eastern & Western Musical Instruments and Vocal Groups 中西樂器聲樂
10:00 a.m. JQES School 中國城昆士小學 855 Washington Street, Boston MA 02111
2. 4/20/2013 Eastern and Western Dances Groups – 中西舞蹈
10:00. a.m. JQES School 中國城昆士小學 855 Washington Street, Boston MA 02111
3. 4/21/2013 Martial Arts – Preliminary 武術初賽
1:00 p.m. 33 Harrison Avenue, 7th Floor, Boston MA
4. 4/27/2013 Public Declamation 演講
1:00 p.m. 90 Lincoln Avenue, Newton MA
5. 5/18/2013 Multi-Media Creative Design Declamation 多媒體專題演講
1:00 p.m. 90 Lincoln Avenue, Newton MA
6. 5/19/2013 Martial Arts – Semi-Final 武術半决赛
1:00 p.m. 33 Harrison Avenue, 7th Floor, Boston MA
7. 6/9/2013 Martial Arts – FINAL 武術總决賽 Place announced later 地址另訂

G. 報名截止日期 Application Date Dead Line : 3/20/2013

H. 頒獎晚會 Awards Ceremony Banquet : Awards Ceremony will befollowed after the individual competition. The first place winners from each category will be notified joining another Ceremony and also performances at the 7th Anniversary Celebrating Banquet for NAWA of Mass on 6/30/2013, China Pearl Restaurant, 219 Quincy Ave, Quincy MA. All participate contestants would be received a certificate.