Chinese American Charles Xue Arrested in Beijing in Prostitution Sting


Beijing police have arrested Chinese-American businessman and online opinion leader Charles Xue, known online as Xue Manzi. Xue is accused of using the services of prostitutes.

A microblogger with over 12 million followers. But now he is under the spotlight for a different reason. 60 year-old Charles Xue, known online as Xue Manzi, was arrested last Friday, for using prostitutes.

Beijing police office Liu Nan said, “We got a report from neighbours that a flat is used for prostitution. When we got there, we arrested a man and a woman, and found cash and a used condom in the room. They admitted prostitution during question. “

The prostitute caught at scene said this was not the first time Xue had visited her.

Alleged prostitute Ms Zhang said, “When we were arrested, it was the third time he came to me. I charged him 1,000 Yuan each the first two times, and raised my price to 1500 Yuan the last time.”

As the investigation continues, more sex workers have been found to be involved. Xue also confessed to group sex with prostitutes. Xue said, “I recall that there were six or seven times I had sex with two prostitutes together.”

Alleged prostitute Ms Liang said,”One time he asked me to find more girls, and he ended up having sex with four of us.”

Xue is widely known in China as the country’s first angel investor. His microblog posts are often critical of the government, and he has more than 12 million followers. Xue says, he got a taste for buying sex while he was abroad.

Xue said, “When I was working abroad, I patronized prostitutes during my business trips to Thailand and the Netherlands.”

The police say Xue is facing charges of using prostitutes and possibly even group licentiousness. The first charge carries a penalty of up to 15 days of detention and fine of up to 5,000 Yuan. But group licentiousness can be punished with to up to 5 years in jail.