Elaine Dang’s Family Asks for Donations to Cover Medical Expenses

Elaine is a fighter. She has fought for what she believes in, fought for others, and fought for her life. In June of 2012, Elaine left Southern California to pursue her passion for providing education to under-served children. She joined a company that builds and operates schools serving some of the most vulnerable children across Kenya. During her time there, Elaine discovered that one of her professional strengths was managing those working at visionary companies. In June of 2013, Elaine joined an innovative Kenyan start-up company called EatOut.
CNN’s Anderson Cooper interviews Elaine Dang, her mother and sister.

On September 21, Elaine went to the Westgate Mall in Nairobi to serve as a judge for a children’s cooking competition. While the competition took place on the rooftop, terrorists from an extremist group stormed the mall and began a siege that lasted more than four days. More than sixty people, including children and adults, lost their lives that day, and many more were injured.

Though she suffered trauma to her chest, legs, arm, and head, Elaine thankfully escaped the rooftop alive. Local medical staff removed glass from her eye and shrapnel from her forehead and chest, however pieces of shrapnel and shards of glass still remain in her body. Her road to recovery began in Nairobi and will continue in the US as Elaine continues to require medical treatment.
Elaine Dang at a Nairobi hospital.

Elaine has returned home to California in order to be home with her family and ensure that she receives the best possible medical care. However, concerns over how she and her family will pay the costs associated with this medical care has created a great deal of concern during an already stressful time.

Your support will help ensure that Elaine is able to continue her journey back to health. The funds raised on this site will go towards paying for necessary medical treatment and counseling. The funding goal will be updated to reflect the exact cost of treatments after medical professionals have determined the extent of Elaine’s injuries. Any money beyond what is necessary to cover medical care will be donated to the Kenyan Red Cross.

Elaine and her family wish to thank you for your generosity and support.  If you have any questions or want to offer non-monetary support, please email [email protected].


The Dang Family

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