Registration Opens for Bridge Medical Summit 2013

By American Chinese Medical Association

American Chinese Medical Association (ACMA) is a professional organization founded by Chinese American physicians and biomedical scientists 15 years ago. Now our members are represented in many top hospitals and major biomedical institutes in the country. With our noble goal: Bridge to a healthier world, many physicians, researchers and students have joined together, creating a platform with basic research, clinical medicine, education, community services and translational medicine components. So we can distribute the better and more advanced medical knowledge to more people.

Staring from the day it was born, ACMA has been focusing on pushing the collaboration between clinical world and the basic research world, the communication between biomedical fields in the US and in China. So the diseases can be treated better and more professionally. Because of the unique background of ACMA, it has been leading in many ways for the development of translational medicine. Today, China is developing a huge health industry and market. Frequent communications and exchanges between these two countries in the biomedical fields have also created many opportunities and challenges. Taking advantage of its unique resources, ACMA is playing an irreplaceable role improving these communications and exchanges.

The Bridge Medical Summit (BMS) is an iconic platform of communications created by ACMA since two years ago. It brings together many physicians and scientists from both US and China. The topics include cutting-edge fields of clinical science, basic research and translational medicine. At the last two meetings, many outstanding researchers with international reputations have presented bringing positive feedback and impact in the Greater Boston area.

The BMS 2013 will be held in the fall of this year. Building upon the last two meetings, a major effort of BMSIII will be to help the career development of many young researchers and students in the area. Please visit for more information and online registration is open.

To help achieve this goal, HMS-CSSA and HSPH-CSSA have joined force with ACMA to co-organize this meeting together. The meeting will be held at Longwood medical area, one of the most active scientific research hubs in Boston.

In addition to many seminars on cutting-edge basic and clinical research, the audiences will also hear from many senior physicians from different hospitals. Young researchers who want to practice medicine in the US will have a chance to talk to these doctors, getting first-hand knowledge on the structure of US hospitals and practices, and steps towards their dream jobs. Some biomedical investors from China will also join the meeting which will create potential opportunities for many young entrepreneurs. As the meeting date is getting close, please help us in the preparation of BMS 2013 and hope you will join us at the summit!

Dynamic interaction and learning

Global healthcare challenge, opportunities
Career advance in science and medicine

Cutting edge advances in:
Neoplasm diseases
Neurological diseases
Cardiovascular Diseases
Endocrine & metabolic diseases
Infectious diseases and immunity
Regenerative medicine
Quality care and social medicine
Models of healthcare delivery

Sponsored by:
American Chinese Medical Association (ACMA)
Asian Health Foundation (AHF)
Boston Biology and Biotechnology Association (BBB)
Chinese-American BioMedical Association (CABA)
Harvard Medical School Chinese Scholars and Scientists Association (HMS-CSSA)
Harvard School of Public Health Chinese Students and Scholars Association (HSPH-CSSA)
Sino-American Pharmaceutical Professionals Association, New England (SAPA-NE)

BMS 2013, October 25-26
300 Longwood Avenue, Enders Building, Boston, MA 02115
Contact information: email [email protected], phone 617-955-0788