Nineteen Cities to Join National Day of Protest Against ABC on Nov. 9

By David Li,

Boston, Nov. 6, 2013, — On Nov. 9, 2013, Boston will join 18 other US cities in a national protest against ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live Kid’s Table segment in which “kill everyone in China” discussions were aired. Executives at ABC and Jimmy Kimmel has issued apologies after protests were erupted in San Francisco, Los Angels, Boston and other cities last week. However, many Chinese-Americans demanded further actions to be taken to hold people accountable for airing the segment on public airwaves.
Boston’s protest on Nov. 2, 2013 (photo by David Li).

The following cities will hold protests this Saturday, Nov. 9, 2013, — Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, Seattle, San Jose, San Diego, Houston, Dallas, Austin, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Miami, Orlando, New Orleans, Denver, Nashville, Charlotte, Chapel Hill, N.C. and Boston.

About 100 people protested near the Holocaust Memory in downtown Boston on Nov. 2, 2013. The following is a open letter by Boston’s protest organizers.

An Open letter to the Public

We come together today to condemn ABC Network’s promotion of racial intolerance and violence in our multi-cultural society. On October 16, during the Jimmy Kimmel Live Show, a six-year-old boy proposed the idea of solving America’s debt crisis by “killing everyone in China.”

Mr. Kimmel responded, “That’s an interesting idea.” He then asked the kids, “Should we allow the Chinese to live?” By airing this program, ABC Network is promoting a culture of racial intolerance and hatred. A joke about killing an entire ethnic group is not a laughing topic.

While the 6-year-old boy may not understand the full impact of what he was saying, the ABC producers should know that the comment “Killing all the Chinese” is NOT a joke, no matter who says it. Jimmy Kimmel and the ABC network have an ethical responsibility to edit out racist and hate speech content. Instead, by
airing the show, ABC Network gives the impression to those young children that participated in the show and the viewing public that killing Chinese is an idea worthy of consideration, and that one can solve problems through ethnic cleansing!

At a time when our country is being hit by an endless wave of mass shootings, the promotion of violence as a way to solve problems insults the victim’s families. By promoting violence is ABC sowing the seeds for more mass shootings?

Enough is enough! It is time to say NO to ABC’s manipulation of children to further their own agenda. It is time to say NO to ABC Network’s promotion of hate speech and violence to the public.

We demand that ABC Network:
•Issue a public apology on air and online, acknowledging its wrongdoing.
•Dismiss Mr. Kimmel and provide a detailed explanation of the dismissal to the public.
•Publish specific procedures and institute a training program to encourage racial tolerance and advise the Chinese community of its plan.

Fellow Americans, join us in our fight against racial intolerance! TOGETHER we will make America a better place to live for us ALL!

Protest Details:
Time:November 9 (Saturday) 11:00AM to 13:00PM
Location:Boston Common (Park Street), Boston, MA
Public Transit: MBTA Red Lind and Green Line (Park Street)

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