ACMA to Host Boston Asian Health and Community Service at Lunar New Year Gala

Dear Friends,

Happy Lunar New Year – Year of Horse! It’s a special time to celebrate, to connect in, and to serve, this community of ours, for the harvest from the past, and the success and glory yet to come! As our proud tradition, the American Chinese Medical Association (ACMA) will present our 4th annual Boston Asian Health and Community Service (BAHA) on February 1st, 2014. In the past years, many have heard from top clinicians from local hospitals at this event, talking about important topics in healthy living and common disease areas. This year, there will be one-on-one consultations with more of these successful and experienced doctors to discuss one’s own health and concerns, with open access, at no cost, in the beautiful language of Chinese!

The BAHA forum will be held on Feb. 1, 2014 at Marriott Boston-Newton, 2345 Commonwealth Avenue, Newton, MA 02466. Between 12:30-2:00 PM, there will be CME and forum activities for physicians only. Then the physicians will host several open discussion/consultation groups until 5:00 PM. Each physician will have designated consultation table with his/her specialty area marked.

Some of the physicians you’ll see are Drs. Lan Qin, Katherine Wang, and Jing Ji, Stroke and Neurological Disease; Xiaoduo Fan, Mental Health; Jerry Zhu, Common Gastrointestinal Disorders; Hong Gao, Wei Wang, Robert Wu and June Hou, Internal Medicine; Bill Lian, Cardiovascular Disease/Diabetes; Yanping Kong, Min Le and Emily Liu, Diabetes/Endocrinology; Fei Gu, Hematology/Oncology; Chunmei Huang, Nephrology; Haiyun Gong, Pediatrics; Zitao Liu, OBGYN; Jialin Su and Tong Zhu, Cardiology; Ping Zhou, Radiation Oncology and more! We welcome all to join us and take advantage of this community service event. The more, the merrier!

There will also be a celebration Gala of the Lunar New Year hosted by New England Chinese Professionals’ Network in the afternoon and evening of Feb 1st at the same venue. An essential part of this celebration is another charity fund raising by kids in our community selling flowers during the dinner and show at the Gala. In the past two years, thousands of dollars were raised and donated to the American Cancer Society and the ZiGan Foundation. Gala tickets can be purchased HERE.

Please contact the following members of ACMA if you have any questions.

BAHA: Chunmei Huang
CHARITY:  Yanhua Tang
GALA/Tickets: Yi Le

See you on Feb. 1, the second day of the lunar new year!

American Chinese Medical Association