Hope, Home & Harmony — Happy Lunar New Year Videos

BEIJING, Jan. 31, 2014, — Today is the Lunar New Year of the Horse, also known as Chinese New Year. For Chinese people all over the world, Chinese New Year is the most important festival of the year. Please find three videos about hope, home and harmony below.

Chinese Lunar New Year is the most solemn festival in the Chinese nation for over thousands of years. It implies unity, renewal, and the harmony and interaction between individuals, families and societies, which is the core of cultural genes and an important carrier of Chinese culture, seeping through the heart of every Chinese people. “Happy Lunar New Year” brings the Spring Festival fair, parade, festival party, folk performances, exhibitions, film exhibitions, knowledge contests, concerts, fashion shows, animation contests and other celebration activities, which offers the world a big stage to understand contemporary China, Chinese culture and Chinese people. The Ministry of Culture and the whole community sincerely invite friends around the world to gather together to celebrate and enjoy the Lunar New Year, experience Chinese culture and the joy and blessings from the East.

“Happy Lunar New Year” is a global large-scale cultural event that shows various festival celebration activities such as fairs, parades, festival parties, folk performances, exhibitions, film performances, knowledge competitions, concerts, fashion shows, animation & comics contests and other forms of activities, and confers blessings and joy to friends around the world.

The Ministry of Culture and the whole community warmly invites friends around the world to join us in celebration of the festival, feel its appeal and inclusiveness of the Spring Festival culture and share this “festival of nature,” “festival of family,” and “festival of the world.” Let us work towards new four seasons with the good wishes of spring and the expectation of future life.

Chinese Lunar New Year is a celebration for the nature, a celebration for the family, as well as a celebration and aspiration for the world harmony.