Thirty Advices from Alibaba’s Jack Ma

Jack Ma (马云) is Executive Chairman of Alibaba Group, a family of highly successful Internet-based businesses. He is the first mainland Chinese entrepreneur to appear on the cover of Forbes Magazine and ranks as one of the world’s billionaires. His last name Ma means horse in Chineae.

In a recent speech, Jack Ma gave 30 advices for people. Let’s share his wisdom just before the Year of Horse arrives on Jan. 31, 2014.

1. 每天列出3件最重要的事。
List the three most important things you want to do every day.

2. 比别人早10分钟到公司。
Arrive at work 10 miniutes earlier than others.

3. 开口前先想几秒钟。
Think a few seconds before talking.

4. 发脾气之前先数30个数。
Count to 30 before losing you temper.

5. 不确定时,挑最难的事做。
When not sure what to do, pick the most difficult thing to do.

6. 给每件事规定完成日期。
Give each action item a deadline to finish.

7. 坐第一排的位子。
Always sit in the first row.

8. 观察走在你前面的人。
Observe carefully the people who are ahead of you.

9. 比别人多坚持10分钟。
Persist 10 minutes longer than others.

10. 记住身边每个人的名字。
Remember the name of every person around you.

11. 抢着做事,即使是打扫卫生。
Take on work, even if it is jist cleaning.

12. 在背后赞美别人。
Praise others behind their back.

13. 重视身边的每一个人。
Value everyone around you.

14. 听别人把话说完。
Listen and let other people finish their sentences.

15. 给别人的比别人期望的多一点 。
Deliver a little bit more the expectation.

16. 批评人之前,先进行赞美。
Praise people before giving criticism.

17. 随身带着纸和笔。
Always carry a pen and pencil.

18. 醒后2分钟内记录梦的内容。
Write down your dreams within two minutes after waking up.

19. 列出自己的10条弱点,并一一改正。
List 10 weaknesses of yourself, and try to improve on them one by one.

20. 重要的决定最好隔一天再发布。
Wait for one more day before announcing an important decisions after you make it.

21. 睡前5分钟向自己提问。
Question yourself 5 min before sleep?

22. 每天保持微笑去上班。
Smile on your way to work everyday.

23. 绝不把工作带回家。
Do not bring work to home.

24. 和家人一起吃早餐。
Have breakfast together with family.

25. 通过朋友认识新的朋友。
Make new friends through friends.

26. 每天读半小时书。
Read books for half an hour a day.

27. 定四个短期目标,选一个核心目标。
Set four short term goals and one core goal.

28. 赚钱永远也不是你人生的第一目标。
Making money should never be your No. 1 goal in life.

29. 把目标写下来,并每天大声念10遍。
Write down your goals, and read it aloud 10 times every day.

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