Angle Dance Company to Present ​Dunhuang My Dreamland

Boston, Feb. 6, 2014, — With its new year dance show and Chinese New Year performances in the rear view mirror, Angel Dance Company is preparing a grand dance show Dunhuang My Dreamland – Tales of the Silk Road. It will be staged in early March at Casey Theater of Regis College, and bring the splendid colors from the Silk Road to the early sprint of Boston.

According to, Dunhuang’s grottoes, remarkably preserved in the desert environment of the Silk Road for 17 centuries, remain an inspiration to all who journey there. It’s one of World Heritage Sites. Buddhist culture, brought to China by monks and pilgrims, was enshrined at Dunhuang by merchants, officials and aristocrats who commissioned decorated caves in a nearby cliff, known as Mogaoku or “peerless caves,” 492 remain.

The following is some pictures from Angle’s New Year show in January 2014 by photographer Mr. Bo Yang, and poster of Dunhuang My Dreamland.

Set in the backdrop of the world famous Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang City, China, lies the legend of an enduring love. This grand dance drama brings us Mogao, a young painter, on his way to Dunhuang in pursuit of inspiration and the highest realm of artistry. As fate has it, he falls in love with the General’s beautiful daughter, Yueya. But the powerful General forbids the relationship. The couple runs away and ends up in a cave, where Yueya’s dancing inspires Mogao to paint.

As the events of the drama unfold, the depth of their love is revealed. It is this deep binding sacrificial love that inspires Mogao’s greatest masterpieces. “The show’s beautiful music and choreography, along with the artistic scenery and moving love story won rave reviews 4 years ago when it was first showcased,” wrote Ke Ke, artistic director of Angle Dance Company.

The dance drama vividly reveals the soul of the Dunhuang culture and the romantic legend about Mogao Grottoes and Yueya Spring. Let us go back to this colorful era, with its captivating music and costumes, and experience the beauty of Dunhuang!​

​Dunhuang My Dreamland – Tales of the Silk Road
Performed by: Angel Dance Company
Location: Casey Theater, Regis College, 235 Wellesley St. Weston MA 02493
Dates and Time: Sat 3/1 7pm, Sunday 3/2 7pm, Sat 3/8 7pm, 2014
Ticket price : $20
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