Students in Leadership Program Visit Malden from China

Malden, Mass., Feb. 20, 2014, — A group of 11 students from China recently visited Mayor Gary Christenson and City Council President Neal Anderson seeking leadership advice as part of their “Youth Charity and Leadership Program” organized by the Chinese Culture Connection.
City Council President Neal Anderson, Mayor Gary Christenson and students

Mayor Christenson spoke about how his leadership experiences as Class President at Malden High School and holding public office on the School Committee and City Council prepared him for his role as Mayor. He and Councillor Anderson answered many questions ranging from what their high school aspirations were to their daily responsibilities as public officials.

“We enjoyed meeting the students and speaking with them about their leadership program,” said Mayor Christenson. “I hope their visit to Malden demonstrated to them the importance of community and charitable involvement in their pursuit of leadership.”

Students performed a song for the Mayor. Mei Hung, director of Chinese Culture Connection, also attended the meeting.