Junheng Li — Tiger Woman on Wall Street

Boston, April 22, 2014, — In her new book Tiger Woman on Wall Street, Junheng Li recalled many incidences of physical punishment she suffered from her father since she was only three years old in the first chapter: Tiger Dad, Tiger Daughter. The book offers an interesting combination of autobiography of the author and global investment tips and insights for readers.

While the childhood incidents Junheng Li wrote about were disturbing even in China 35 years ago, Junheng Li managed to still feel love from her father, become a top student and later a successful businesswoman on Wall Street.

“Dad never spoke the words, ‘I’m proud of you.’ He didn’t have to. It was obvious. ‘One day you will understand why I’m so hard on you right now,’ he told me once. ‘All I do is to prepare your while you are young and moldable, so that you will have a bit more control of your destiny when you grow up,'” wrote Junheng Li in Tiger Woman on Wall Street.

An amazon.com user provided the following review of Tiger Woman on Wall Street.

“Junheng Li weaves an acutely observed, unsentimental yet poignant narrative of her journey growing up in the aftermath of China’s Cultural Revolution, thriving in its cutthroat educational regime, then graduating at the top of her class at Middlebury College and decamping to Wall Street to ultimately compete successfully with some of the world’s leading hedge funds.

Along the way, you’ll find yourself charmed by her return visit to Grandma Yangyang, amused by her savvy observations on China’s “Mistress Economy” and its implications for the world’s leading luxury marques and nodding your head throughout at the woefully compromised labors of many denizens of Wall Street agencies.

Knowledge is power and Ms. Li lays out her strategies to elicit ‘tells’ from CEOs and ferret out anomalies from obscure datasets you won’t find anytime soon on Bloomberg. If you seek alpha in emerging markets – or your own backyard for that matter, Ms. Li’s disciplined and relentless application of clever and near-forensic analysis makes this a must read.”

Ms. Li runs JL Warren Capital, a leading China focused equity research firm based in New York. The firm utilizes high frequency, big data algorithm and bottom up investigative research to seek market inefficiency on stocks, companies and economies. Prior to founding JL Warren, Junheng Li was a senior equity analyst at Aurarian Capital Management LLC, a long and short equity hedge fund in New York City.

Before Aurarian, Junheng Li was an investment officer at Franklin Templeton Fiduciary. Before attending Columbia Business School, she worked as an investment banking analyst in Media and Telecom Group at Credit Suisse First Boston based in New York.
Junheng Li’s work can be found in Forbes, Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, MarketWatch and Caixin. She has also appeared on television and radio including CNBC, the Street, Bloomberg, CCTV, NPR, and Bravo. She received an MBA from Columbia Business School and a BA in Economics from Middlebury College (summa cum laude, Honors in Economics).

For more about Junheng Li, please visit www.junhengli.com.