Mr. and Mrs. Yen and Donnie Yen Honored by Gov. Patrick, Mayors Walsh, Christenson and Boston City Council

By David Li,

Newton, Mass., July 20, 2014, — At the Yen Family banquet last night at Boston Newton Marriott Hotel to celebrate the 52nd Wedding anniversary of Mr. Klysler Yen and Mrs. Bow Sim Mark Yen, representatives from Governor Patrick and Mayor Walsh, Malden Mayor Gary Christenson and Boston Councilor Tito Jackson honored the couple with citations and proclamation for their dedicated service to the community in the past 39 years since they immigrated to Boston in 1975 from Hong Kong.
Mr. Hung Goon presents a citation by Gov. Patrick to Mr. and Mrs. Yen (photos by David Li).

Donnie Yen, a well-known Hong Kong movie star and son of Mr. and Mr. Yen, and his sister Chris Chi-Ching hosted the banquet. They thanked their parents for teaching them values and traditions in front of 300 guests. Donnie Yen said his father would always put 200% effort in everything he does, and he was fortunate to be the son a Kung Fu master Mrs. Bow Sim Mark Yen.

As immigrants to Boston, Mr. and Mrs. Yen have made remarkable contribution to the community. Mr. Klysler Yen founded the Singtao Daily Boston edition 34 years ago and make it the top selling Chinese daily newspaper in Boston. In recent years, Mr. Klysler Yen has volunteered countless hours as executive board member of Asian American Association of Boston. The Boston Chinese Wushu Institute was created by Mrs. Bow Sim Mark Yen, and has graduated hundreds of students who learned Tai Chi, Kung Fu and many other forms of Chinese Wushu, also know as martial arts.

Hung Goon, president of the CCBA, presented a citation from Gov. Patrick and wished Mr. and Mrs. Yen a happy and joyful 52nd wedding anniversary. Mr. Goon has served in the state government for many years.

Boston Mayor Martin Walsh issued a citation for Donnie Yen’s achievements after he learned that Donnie Yen grew up in Boston and went to become an international film star. Ms. Bik-Fung Ng, senior Business Manager at Boston Main Street, presented the citation to Donnie Yen on behalf of Mayor Walsh.

Malden Mayor Gary Christenson presented a citation that detailed the contributions made by Mr. and Mrs. Yen. “Malden has a fast growing Asian population. We appreciate what Mr. and Mrs. Yen have done over the years for the community,” said Mayor Christenson.

Councilor Jackson presented Mr. and Mrs. Yen a proclamation by Boston City Council that July 19, 2014 was declared as Mr. and Mrs. Yen Day in Boston. Donnie Yen joked that he is also a Mr. Yen.

Donnie Yen thanked Councilor Jackson for the proclamation, and said that he would fly to New Zealand the next day for shooting movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 2. Councilor Jackson mentioned to Donnie Yen about the Massachusetts Film Tax Credit, and invited Donnie Yen to make movies in this state.

There were many fans of Donnie Yen at the banquet. Donnie Yen stopped at each table to greet the guests, and took time posing for pictures.