UBC’s Open Letter to Fox News CEO Roger Ailes

Dear Mr. Roger Ailes (pictured above)

I am writing on behalf of a grass-roots organization called United for a Better Community (UBC) concerned about the recent incident on July 10, 2014 involving Bob Beckel’s racist remarks towards Chinese people. As active citizens of the United States, we support multiracial understanding and oppose public figures that propagate discrimination and prejudice through ignorant comments.

In Bob Beckel’s most recent controversial comment, he broadcasted his racist views towards Asian Americans by saying, “we bring them over here and we teach a bunch of Chinamen – er, chinese people — how to do computer and go back to China to hack into US”. Mr. Beckel continued, “all they do [The Chinese] is hack into our stuff, they send us cheap toys all of which have lead in it and they kill kids.”

Mr. Beckel has a history of ignorant and racist comments. As concerned citizens, we are asking for his resignation. Not only does Mr. Beckel poorly represent your network, allowing him to continue working without any repercussions for his words sends the message that Fox News accepts these kinds of hate-promoting comments. When public figures spread hateful comments as Bob Beckel has done, it threatens our hope for a community united in understanding and acceptance. The fight against discrimination in this country has a long history and a long road ahead. Please join us in showing your support of tolerance and mutual understanding by calling for Bob Beckel’s resignation.


Michael Zhu