Outrage Grows in China at Fox Host’s Racist Slur

Shanghai, China, chinadaily.com.cn, July 15, 2014, –As of Tuesday morning, more than 900,000 Internet users have gone to Sina Video to watch Fox News anchor Bob Beckel, who used anti-Chinese slurs and what has been called “xenophobic” language in his show on Thursday.
Fox New host Bob Beckel (file photo).

During his program The Five, Beckel said that “Chinese are the single biggest threat to the national security of the US. Do you know what we just did? As usual, we bring them over here and teach a bunch of Chinamen, uh, Chinese people, how to do computers, and then they go back to China and hack us.”

As expected, China’s vociferous netizens have come out in force to comment on the remarks, Sino-US relations, and race issues in general. What follows is a selection of comments that do not reflect the views of the China Daily.

“Yuheluyi” on Hexun.com: How can a veteran media professional do such low things? Bechel should resign.

“Li Dameng loves K” on Sina Weibo: Not only he resign, he should apologize to all Chinese people.

“ChandlerCheng” on Sina Weibo: How could some comments say the TV host’s point has no problem? He must already resigned if he calls someone [a racist term for African Americans] in the US.

“bananalan” on Sina Weibo: Of course he needs to resign. It’s about our national dignity. Do you think that someone can easily bully the Chinese people?

“GMX-Xin” from Beijing on Sina News: Can I call all of us to resist against using all US-made products?

Mobile phone user from Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, on Sina News: … [A] host displays anti-Chinese discrimination on the air and some say he doesn’t need to apologize. See this is the social status of Chinese in the US. Do you still feel that the US is the beacon of a liberal world?

Other Chinese netizens say they don’t really care if the Fox host “humiliated” them, and for a variety of reasons.

User 3313688907 from Dalian, Liaoning province on Sina Video: We shouldn’t be so sensitive and so hurt, since we’re not the one who has no faults.

“koyaku” from Changsha, Hunan province on Sina Video: Don’t be so sensitive. Some Chinese peers are too easily irritated. These sour remarks by the Americans are just evidence that China is growing stronger. If some one says this to my face, I’m responding: “Yes, so what, are you coming to beat me?”

Some netizens used the incident to refect on the in China.

“till_Way” on Sina Weibo: Again it’s word play of Chinaman and Chinese people. Isn’t it the same as when we call Laowai and the foreigners? Will it be helpful if the host resigned? Such a bore!

“NW Wolf meeting NE tiger” on Sina Weibo: There’re always a group of people who will be led by the noses of the media coverage. Don’t forget that back at home, we have regional discriminations, which is even lower than the racial discriminations.

“The beast’s brand” on Sina Weibo: How could someone ask others to resign when themselves are calling the Japanese people by disparaging names too.

Others offered personal analyses of Sino-American relations.

“I’m Dingdangdang ah” on Sina Weibo: If someone says bad things behind you it means you’re walking in front of them.

“eta-H” on Sina Weibo: No need to be mad. At least it shows China has become a nail in the American’s eyes, which means the Americans need to pay attention to China.

“sungirl-yuki” on Sina Weibo: How could the Americans have such a strong sense of crisis everyday, that keeps you pouring dirty water onto China?

“Qinfen Pijiuhua” from Shenyang, Liaoning province on Sina Video: The TV host’s remark represents what he thinks. And the fact that the TV station allows it on air shows what the [media] stands for. The anti-China thoughts reflect part of American thoughts on China. In all, the thoughts show the US’ inability to face challenges. It shows the American ignorance, which to me is pathetic.

“Santiago_Sun_Sun Kan” from Hangzhou, Zhejiang province on Sina Video: It’s a show that an American senator uses to draw votes. You just watch it and no need to be fussed up. Fox is a typical Republican platform. Don’t be serious when Fox says something.