MACRO Wins 2014 Mid-America Cup Soccer Tournament

By David Li,

Chicago, August 31, 2014, — MACRO defeated UW-Madison 3:0 this afternoon at Oak Brooks Central Park in the final match of Mid-America Cup soccer tournament. It’s the fourth straight championship for MACRO in the Mid-America Cup, according to organizer Mr. C.M. Lei of Mid America Chinese Recreation Organization (MACRO).

In the semifinal matches earlier in the day, MACRO defeated Chicago Wanxiang in the early match. UW-Madison had an amazon came back from 0:2 down to tie UIUC Old Corns in regulation after a UICU player received red card, and won the match in penalty shootouts.

In the group matches on August 30, UIUC Old Corns won all three games against Chicago Thai B, Buffalo and Wanxiang in group B. MACRO was undefeated in the group A matches thanks to a strong defense and timely scoring.
MACRO team coach Perry Zhao and captain Jimmy Lee were very proud of the players who have played really hard during the tournament. “I’m very impressed with the sportsmanship by all teams from this year’s tournament. I’m glad that there was no incident in the tournament,” said Mr. C.M. Lei.

Please check out some pictures from the tournament below.