Mylovetea Is Hiring

By “Dr. Tea” @Mylovetea Harvard Square Tea House
“Dr. Tea”, dancer & tea lover An Nuo pose for a picture at Mylovetea Harvard Square Tea house (photo by Victor Chen).

Introduction about Mylovetea/”Dr. Tea茶博士”

“Dr. Tea” was born in Fujian, China, which is the origin of world black tea and oolong tea and the best known place for the production of tea which had more than thousand years` history of being Chinese Emperors’ Tea and the tea that is exported to everywhere of the world including British Queen’s Tea and Boston Tea Party Tea etc.

After “Dr. Tea” finished his Ph.D. in Nanomedicine (drugs for cancer treatment) and four other STEM degrees, he started his own tea company (My Love Tea) integrating the best tea provider, tea science,engineering,culture,poetry,art, tea ceremony & tea history etc to form a great culture platform:Mlt: Tea Harvard Science/Culture Community!
Left: China Daily USA picture about “Dr.Tea”; Right: Mylovetea Logo and culture

Mylovetea is the creator and leader of the world (tea) culture of “Healthy,Harmony,Pure & Nature” and the provider of the best quality tea. “Dr. Tea” had given lectures in Harvard including the last lecture of the first century history and the first lecture of the new century at Harvard School of Public Health. Most “tea-friends” (customers) nicknamed the company and the founder as “Dr. Tea” (or “茶博士”
in Chinese) showing their respect and love for our expertise in tea!

Dr. Tea is full of gratitude and thankfulness for the reports by China Daily USA, the Bostonese, the World Journal, World Hall of Fame Network, Southern US 55.5 TV station, Southern News, Chinese Times, Dr. Shanta Griffin, V Life, Qiao Bao and many other medias, as well as to all communities for their love and appreciation of Mylovetea`s effort to lead the Chinese/World tea science and culture to a new era.
Mylovetea Is Hiring

a) Mylovetea Ceremonies with great reputation in America

Due to the great job of “Dr. Tea” and his team, the (Chinese) Tea Ceremony and the “Healthy,Harmony,Pure & Nature” culture of Mylovetea is widely recognized with great reputation by a great variety of people, companies and organizations. The representative tea ceremonies we had done including those in or for Harvard, MIT, Exxon Mobil, Marathon Oil, Toastmasters, and Chinese Community Center etc.
Since Mylovetea is famous for our tea and tea ceremonies, the market demand for Mylovetea tea tasting and tea ceremonies is increasing rapidly.

b) Tea Ceremony Artists Hiring

1) Appreciate the world (tea) culture of “Healthy,Harmony,Pure & Nature” that Mylovetea (“Dr. Tea茶博士”) created and leading.
2) The ability to learn and present the tea ceremonies showing the culture of “Healthy,Harmony, Pure & Nature”! A good tea taster!
3) Fluent in English/Chinese. Other languages will be a plus. Females Preferred.
4) Must have the working permit to work in USA.

c) Time and location
The Tea Ceremony Artists under hiring will be in Houston and Boston. Other locations could start later on. The Houston/Boston interviews and training will be carried out from now(The broadcasting day: 2014/12/22)on. The first few tea ceremonies that the newly trained artists perform will be on February, 2015.

Mylovetea/”Dr. Tea茶博士" Contact Information:
Phone:225-304-1387; Wechat: drtea1; Email: [email protected], (Please “like” our page, thanks!)

Middle picture: Mylovetea “Dr. Tea” presenting his tea poems with Chinese Consul General Xu Er-Wen.

Original tea poems
BY “Dr. Tea” (Dr. Michael Zhang)

(She is a like) A piece of wonderful tea leaves fall down into the water,
The essence of the nine states (China was called the Nine States; also she is in charge of the nine states affairs here in USA) turning out to be the best fragrance of the whole world (being the best over the eastern and western of the world/USA).
Being successful and getting good reputation in the rainbow, (Referring to the Houston-Beijing flight being initiated with her effort, and wishing her a gorgeous future with the rainbow color, also refer to the color of the tea),
The pure beauty and harmony come with a long-lasting flavor.