Synergy International Exchange Prepares Students for Social Innovation

Cambridge, Mass., Jan 27, 2015, — United Cultures Innovation Center For International Cooperation and Harvard Social Innovation Collaborative co-organized Synergy International Exchange Program for Social Innovation both in Beijing and at Harvard University from January 3 to 23, 2015.

A group of eight Harvard college students firstly visited Beijing for ten days. Through communicating with Chinese college students, sightseeing, site visits to social innovation incubators and hi-tech companies, the Harvard students learn the big picture of youth social innovation entrepreneurship in China. Thirteen Chinese college students then came to Harvard University for a ten-day program with sixteen selected Harvard college students. The students were assigned to different groups and work together towards different projects regarding to the social problem they identified. Judges were invited to give comments and feedbacks on their projects.

Xin Li, the President of United Cultures Innovation Center For International Cooperation, said that the aim of the program is to foster understandings and communications between US and Chinese college students.

Michael Gellman, the Vice President of Harvard Social Innovation Collaborative, said that the program in China provided them an excellent opportunity to know China, and the Chinese history was very impressive. He also mentioned that the Harvard student were very glad to participate in the program with the Chinese students. Lan Wang, a junior student at Jilin University, said that she appreciated the opportunity to learn about social innovation and make friends at Harvard.