Chyten Debuts First-in-the-Nation New SAT vs. ACT Comparison Test

Newton, Mass., Feb. 26, 2015, — This week, Chyten Educational Services ( became the first company in the country to offer a NEW SAT vs. ACT Comparison Test. It debuted this week to 145 students in Montclair, NJ. The test, created by Neil Chyten and the development team at Chyten in Newton, Mass, becomes the nation’s first test of its kind. According to Chyten, not only is it first but it is also entirely accurate.
Chyten students taking the new SAT vs. ACT comparison test (provided to

“We put in countless hours, days, and months of research to develop this test with a special emphasis on the precision of the passages, questions, and answers.” According to Chyten, the New SAT has been completely overhauled with new types of questions in reading, writing and math. Also, the Essay portion of the test (which is now optional) is now completely unrecognizable when compared to prior versions of the test. “It involves reading a long passage and analyzing the author’s strategy and success in developing an argument.”

Chyten new prep book, Mastering the NEW SAT, is currently in development and slated to be published in April, 2015 nearly one year ahead of the new SAT (coming in March 2016) and a full six months ahead of the new PSAT (coming in October of 2015). Chyten says that having this comparison test available so early makes it easier and less stressful for students to prepare for either the SAT or ACT. “The more runway we have, the less stress is involved in the preparation. Having this test ready so early means far less stress and more time for students to prepare.”

For more information on educational programs for students of all ages, please contact Chyten Educational Services at 800-428-TEST of call your local Chyten center for more information. Chyten’s New SAT vs. ACT Comparison Test is available for schools. Call 800-428-TEST to schedule an appointment.

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