Asian American Association of Boston Holds Friendship Party

By Justine Xiaojing Wang,

Cambridge, Mass., Jan. 21, 2014, –Asian American Association of Boston(AAAOB) held its first Friendship Party in the afternoon of Jan. 18 at Cambridge Innovation Center on One Broadway. Despite a snowstorm on that day, close to 100 invited guests still showed up. AAAOB board president Ye Huang, executive director Klysler Yen, and director of AAAOB’s Performing Art Troupe Jicheng Gu warmly welcomed all guests.
(From left)Klysler Yen, Yuping Su and Jicheng Gu discuss with each other at the Friendship Party (photos by Justine Xiaojing Wang).

The guests included Prof. Ronald Suleski of Rosenberg Institute for East Asian Studies at Suffolk University, Chinese painting artist Tianhan Guo of North American Artist Association, Ms. Ru Zheng, president of NECINA, Ms. Miaoruo Wang, director of Harvard University Chinese Students and Scholars Association (HCSSA) Art Troupe, Ms. Lu Gao, president of Fudan University Alumni Association of Boston, Mr. Jiali Gong, board president of Nanjing University Alumni Association of Boston, Mr. David Li, founder of, and many other well-known figures in the community. Their attendance in itself signaled their appreciation of the work done over the past year, and confidence in the bright future of AAAOB.

Saxophonist Peiyi Liu of Berklee College of Music brought wonderful live Jazz music to the party. Ye Huang and Klysler Yen thanked the strong support from partner organizations for a successful year at AAAOB. Jing Xia, project manager at AAAOB, presented awards to Jia Liu and Fei Li for their contributions to AAAOB in the past year.

“We worked really hard to put together the friendship party. It’s very satisfying to see people turning out and making new friends at the party,” Ms. Xia said.

Asian American Association of Boston is recognized as a U.S. Federal and Massachusetts nonprofit organization. As a center of friendship through networking and print media, AAA serves as an important tool for cultural and artistic exchange of information through members, between communities, various cultural institutions of Commerce, and Asian American ethnic communities.