Grace Foundation to Host Art Exhibit at Grand Hyatt in NYC

New York City, Feb. 26, 2015, — Grace Art & Culture Foundation is going to host a Chinese works of Art exhibit at Grand Hyatt Hotel New York City from Feb.28th through March 1st. We invite you here to enjoy the Chinese art during the weekend.
Picture from Grace Art & Culture Foundation event in Nov. 2014 (file photo).

You will see beautiful Chinese works of Art, e.g. imperial coral-ground gilt-decorated bottle vase, rare copper-red decorated dragons moonflask, fine blue-glazed vase, polychrome-enameled status, fine celadon-glazed artistic vase, etc. You are also able to see small interesting items like jade bracelet, stamps, Zisha teapots and so on.

We welcome collectors and friends who are interested in Chinese art to enjoy it.

This exhibit is co-sponsored by Wuhan Chu culture valley culture communication and honesty art exhibit auction Inc.

Exhibit time: 10AM-5PM, Feb.28th; 10AM-2PM, March 1st,2015
Auction time: 2PM-5PM, March 1st, 2015
Location:  109 E 42nd St, New York, NY 10017, Grand Hyatt New York, Gallery Space

“Quality, Charity and Her Dream”
Grace Art & Culture Foundation



此次活動由武漢楚漢文谷文化交流有限公司(WUHAN CHU CULTURE VALLEY CULTURE COMMUNICATION CO.LTD)及漢仕德藝術品展覽拍賣有限公司(HONESTY ART EXHIBIT AUCTION INC)聯合主辦,美國格瑞斯藝術文化基金會(Grace Art&Culture Foundation)承辦。

此次展覽,將展示包括黃釉三羊花瓶,龍豬玉璧,出戟尊,素三彩魚藻紋六方梅瓶,黑胎弦紋梅瓶, 青花團鳳八寶碗, 鈞瓷馬蹄瓶等古董艺术精品;此外還將展出田黃石印章,紫砂提梁壺,十二生肖首日封,澳門小砲筒,毛澤東傳國寶璽, 翡翠手鐲,彌勒佛翡翠擺件等小型藏品及飾物。


地點:曼哈頓中央凱悅酒店藝廊廳(中央火車站旁,凱悅酒店) 109 E 42nd St, New York, NY 10017, Grand Hyatt New York, Gallery Space