Harvard Extension Business Conference Explores New Waves of Entrepreneurship

By David Li, bostonese.com

Cambridge, Mass. April 30, 2013, — Harvard Extension Business Conference of 2013 was held at Harvard University’s Northwest Building on April 27. About 200 attendees attended this day-long conference and enjoyed the networking opportunities it provided.
Mr. Fred Goff(left) was presented Certificate of Appreciation by Kevin Sun (middle). (photo by David Li)

The conference focused on “the New Waves of Entrepreneurship” with new business ideas, spreading the entrepreneurship spirit across the international and Massachusetts community, and providing a platform for Entrepreneurs to find money. This annual event brought together current Harvard Students, Alumni and Faculty with small business owners; start-ups who presenting ideas to market leaders; potential investors and bankers to its industries.

The highlight of this conference is Harvard’s famous “pitch competition” where anyone with an idea can enter. Participants present their new business ideas to a panel of judges in front of an audience of potential investors and financiers who come to Harvard looking for the next great thing. Mindful Scientific emerged as winner among eight finalists after two rounds of intense competition. The Healio team finished as the first runner-up.

“I’m very exited in winning the Business Pitch Competition. We are also looking for engineers and developers at HEBC so that we can be ready for go-to-market next year,” Mr. Ying Tam, CEO of Mindful Scientific, said after winning the competition.

Healio team presented their smart phone app that aimed to reduce patient followup visits. The core idea was allowing patients and doctors communication over smart phones by sending photos of wounds and answering questions with the help of the smart phone app. The four judges were Rohit Chopra, Dr. Dennis Ceru, Kishan Mallur and Phillip Dade.

Fred Goff, CEO of Percipio Media, ended the conference with an inspiring talk on entrepreneurship. He pointed out that “it’s now the best time to start a business” with globally available resources. Mr. Goff also answered a few questions from the audience after his talk.

World Training Vision Organization (WTVO) is a proud sponsor and organizer who helps spread the conference mission into the Asian markets states “Entrepreneurship is not limited to a region, it’s a global phenomenon. Often times, it’s the little ideas that changes the global footprint and we are here to help.”

Co-founder of the conference Kevin Sun who is a Harvard Alumni and a Principal at State Street Global Advisors states “Harvard is more than an educational institution; it’s a beacon for new ideas and a platform for innovation. It allows change and embraces acceptability. It’s what makes Harvard, Harvard!”