Fairbank Center and Consensus Media Group Hold Meeting on Reforms Under Xi Jinping

By Victor Chen, bostonese.com

Cambridge, Mass., April 2, 2015, — President Xi Jinping of China has initiated a series of reforms in last couple years. A meeting to discuss Xi’ reforms and the impact on China and World was held at Harvard University on March 30.
Speakers of the Reforms Under Xi Jinping meeting (file photo).

The meeting was organized by Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies and the Consensus Media Group, and moderated by Mark. C. Elliott, Mark Schwartz Professor of Chinese and Inner Asian History, Harvard University.

Most speakers gave positive reviews of Xi’s reforms centered around the China Dream and tough anti-corruption measures. Prof. Hua Sheng said he believed Xi’s China Dream at the national level is more about economic prosperity than democracy and freedom. In the history of China, people never achieved freedom and equality. So, the revival of ancient China is mostly about China’s strength and position in the world.

Regarding Xi’s determination to fight “tigers and flies”, Prof. Xu Yaotong said he considered a sweeping nationwide anti-corruption campaign could be called “storm” instead of “movement”. “Storms come and go. The most important thing is to establish an effective system that can effectively curb corruption,” said Prof. Xu.

The following is a list of speakers at the meeting.

ZHOU Zhixing (周志兴), CEO, Consensus Media Group
QIN Hui (秦晖), Professor, Department of History, Tsinghua University
MAO Zhenhua (毛振华), President, China Chengxin Credit Management Company; Co-director, Economic Research Institute at Renmin University
XU Yaotong (许耀桐), China National School of Administration
JIN Yan (金雁), Professor, China University of Political Science and Law
XU Zhangrun (许章润), Professor, Tsinghua University Law School
HUA Sheng (华生), Economist; Honorary Dean of School of Economics & Management, Southeast University
LI Yinhe (李银河), Fellow, Institute of Sociology at Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
HU Biliang (胡必亮), Professor and Dean of School of Development Studies at Beijing Normal University

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