Children Helping Children Raises $1,500 for Nepal Earthquake Relief

Boston, June 16, 2015, — The Wellesley Community Center hosted Children Helping Children (CHC)’s 2015 Annual End-Of-Year party on Saturday, June 13. Dozens of students and parents attended from local communities the party.
Students pose for a group picture at the party (photos provided to

Initiated in 2004-2005 by three middle school students, CHC is a Massachusetts-based non-profit organization entirely comprised of students looking to make a positive change, particularly in the lives of underprivileged children in both the local and global communities that they belong in. The organization spans over 9 schools with over 50 high school students from the Greater Boston Area, including Andover, Arlington, Belmont, Boston, Cambridge, Newton, Sharon, and Wellesley. So far, the organization’s leaders have met with Mitt Romney, a former Massachusetts governor, and Charlie Baker, the current Massachusetts governor.

Since its creation, CHC has steadily grown and has officially become a nonprofit in the fall of 2014. Over the last 11 years, CHC has raised fund for many worthy causes such as the Haitian Earthquake in 2004, the Sichuan Earthquake of 2008, and the Boston Marathon Bombing of 2013. Last year, CHC was able to raise $4,000 in benefit of the Boston Children’s Hospital to aid the children affected by the Boston Marathon Bombing. This year, all funds raised and donations (around $1,500) will be going towards the Nepal Earthquake. This coming Saturday, June 21, the CHC will also host a car wash.

The purpose of the party was to further integrate both the North and South branches and new members, which included students from Andover High School, Arlington High School, Belmont High School, Boston Latin School, Buckingham Browne and Nichols, Dana Hall, Newton South, Wellesley High School, The Winsor School and more. At the meeting, Charley Lei, previous president recapped CHC’s progress and success through this last year, which included the successful creation of the Andover High School Branch.

The current president, William Liu from BB&N, also shared CHC’s growth at his school and what he plans the organization to do in 2015-2016. He stressed that CHC should aim to expand to other schools to increase the number of its members, apply for grants from local businesses, and further legitimize CHC and apply to be a President Volunteer Service Organization etc. Following, the board for next year, including William Liu (President), Wendy Li (Treasurer), Kate Yuan (Secretary), and Alice Liu (Director), all introduced themselves to the newer members.
After the board formally introduced themselves, three candidates (Jarrett Amirault, Amar Chunduru, Rish Ghosh) ran for presidency and vice-presidency for the Andover Branch and four (Dahlha Cheshatsang, Alexander Morris, Ethan O’Reilly, Kofi Yankey) for the Buckingham Browne and Nichols (BB&N) Branch. As it stands, Amar Chunduru and Rish Ghosh will be the co-presidents with Jarrett Amirault as the vice-president for Andover and William Liu and Ethan O’Reilly will be the co-presidents with Dahlha Cheshatsang and Alexander Morris as the vice-presidents for the BB&N Branch. Furthermore, Andy Zhang, who has begun to start a branch at Belmont High School, also gave a quick introduction. The meeting was concluded with a discussion on future plans and ideas.

For the meeting to be a possibility, CHC received great amount of support from the Wellesley Community Center, also a private non-profit corporation. CHC would like to express its gratitude toward the Wellesley Community Center for providing a location and help setting up the meeting for CHC members.