Mylovetea Tea Poetry Strawberry Plunking Festival Invites You

By Changhong Zhang,

Boston, June 19, 2015, — Dr. Tea from MyLoveTea welcomes you to the Tea Poetry and Strawberry Picking Festival this Saturday!

See you at 10:00 am, June 20, Verrill Farm, 11 Wheeler Road, Concord, MA, 01742.

This Saturday falls upon May 5 on Lunar Calendar, the Chinese Poet Day in memory of the great poet Qu Yuan (342 B.C. — 278 B.C.).

Come to celebrate with Mylovetea for the Tea Poetry and Strawberry Picking Festival and you’ll have a lot of fun!

1) Enjoy the famous Mylovetea Beauty Tea ( to show respect to Quan Yuan for his “Fragrant Weed/ Beauty” writing style.
2) Join Hand-made Zongzi contest. (Zongzi is special for the Dragon Boat Festival and Chinese Poet Day as a traditional Chinese dessert.)
3) Pick strawberries.
4) Enjoy folk songs and ventriloquy performance
5) Horse riding as a substitute to the Dragon Boat Festival we just enjoyed over the past weekend.
6) Food contest.
7) Reading of the great poets Qu Yuan, Li Bai etc

Please find us at for more details.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 225-304-1387

A brief introduction of Qu Yuan: Qu Yuan is known for his patriotism and contributions to Chinese classical poetry and verses, especially the Anthology Chu Ci. Together with the Shi Jing, the Chu Ci is one of the two great collections of ancient Chinese verses. Qu Yuan is also regarded as one of the most prominent figures of Romanticism in Chinese classical literature, and his masterpieces has influenced many great Romantic poets of Tang Dynasty including Li Bai. He also created the “Fragrant Weed/ Beauty” poetry writing style, which became one of the most important skills of Chinese Literature.

The Dragon Boat Festival and the three cornered sticky rice food known as Zongzi are both for remembering Qu Yuan.

Mylovetea is thankful for the kind support of, Boston Fujianness, Boston SYSUer, Mylovetea Chat Group, and Charles River Relaxing Group, etc.