Chinese Animation Captain of Flying Tigers to Air on TV

Beijing, August 31, 2015, — A Chinese animation about the American “Flying Tigers” air squadron, which helped the Chinese fight the Japanese during World War II, is expected to hit TV screens in September. This was announced at a new conference recently in Beijing. China has declared Sept. 3 as Victory Day national holiday to mark the 70th anniversary of the 70th anniversary of the official ceremony of Japan’s unconditional surrounder at the end of WWII.
Picture from the new conference of animation Captain of Flying Tigers(file photo).

“Flying Tigers Captain,” a one-time 30-minute cartoon for television, is the first of its kind about the “Flying Tigers” in China, said director Feng Yusong at a press conference on Sunday.

The cartoon features a combination of well-known Chinese and American folk songs to recognize the joint efforts of the two countries in fighting Japanese invaders, said Feng.

“Compared with documentaries, young people more easily accept cartoons,” said Chiou Jishian, the show’s producer.

The Flying Tigers, officially known as the American Volunteer Group of the Chinese Air Force, were formed in 1941 and led by US General Claire Lee Chennault to help China drive out invading Japanese troops.

In more than 100 air combat missions, the Flying Tigers shot down or destroyed nearly 300 enemy aircraft. The group lost 73 of its aircraft and 26 pilots.

“We want to use the cartoon to demonstrate the Chinese people’s pain and struggles in the war as well as international support,” said Feng.

The movie features a title card with Chinese calligraphy by Anna Chennault, 90, wife of the late General Claire Lee Chennault.

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